Need Advice : Best way to scout for a C1 Null-sec Static

My small corp has been scouting for unnocupied C1 wormhole space with a Nullsec-Static to call home. We’re wanting to create an industrial and PI base.

I’ve been scouting through Null-sec, scanning systems, and have had very little luck.

My question is:

Is it more efficient to scout from Nullsec - as I have been doing - or is it better to find any wormhole and scout for a link from within wormhole space itself?

try getting an alt or three in Thera… that wh system has more wh connections than any other wh in Eve and can act as a connecting hub… it may or may not help you speed up your scanning process. It usually does for me.

if you like this page, donate some isk…

and use pathfinder or something to track your whs… if that helps.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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Find a system with a C1 static (C2, C4, C5 or maybe C6) and roll it repeatedly by mass until you find one. Looking for C1/NS exit holes (K162) in null-sec will only find you holes that someone else has exited from increasing the likelyhood that the hole is already occupied. Of course, rolling a C1 static is painful so your tolerance for this horrible activity will limit your ability to find one this way.

Going from Fuzzworks data which may or may not be out-of-date, there are close to 250 C1s in Anoikis, of which there are a mere 28 with Null sec statics. With enough effort in Null spent hopping through K162s, you will eventually find one. Your target system will ALWAYS have a Null exit, but quite frequently, that will be it; no other entries into the system. I’d say keep doing what you’re doing and be patient.

Your best option I suspect is to map out low class chains until you find one, or find something with a C1 static that you can easily roll until you find your C1.

If you are looking for an empty C1->Null, realise that it’s static will only open up if opened from the inside, which will only happen rarely for an empty hole. (Only if someone else connected to it and triggered the static.)

If you don’t mind evicting, you could try looking from null, but with thousands of NS systems and only 28 C1->NS, you need quite a bit of luck.

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This is spot on. If you are looking for an empty C1 with null static, that null K162 wormhole leading to the C1 will not be open most of the time. Your best bet is to get inside a w-system with a static connection to a C1 and roll that connection.

Still not fun, but using a gnosis with oversized prop mod and an omen with two characters takes about 10 minutes…typically two times through for both of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

dude, just grab a lowsec c3 or lowsec-c4 c2. Logistics with null-sec static is horrible.

if you really into production and stuff look for highsec c3, highsec-whatever c2.

dude. I asked a merc corp for some help with an idea I had and they shared a resource with me, that I have not seen before and I think its jsut amazing for finding a wh… at least the wh system itself… the id… selection… not the practical finding it ie scanning or what not… i will share :slight_smile:

just put the j sig in and boom… has everything one would need to select a wh system. I hope you find this as cool as I do. Whoever made this, I would love to give you a hug! and roll you a scooby doobie! you deserve it!

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