Need auth email addy changed for Sisi

I recently came back a couple weeks ago and had changed email addresses so I needed GM help to get the address changed on my TQ account. That went smoothly and TQ works fine.

I tried to log into SiSi today to prepare for the event tomorrow and it’s asking me to authenticate, but is asking me to authenticate on the old email address I no longer have access to. I filed a ticket, but the GMs said to get help with SiSi I have to post here instead.

So I’m doing that! Could someone change the email address on this account, please?

All we can do is tell you to wait for next mirror to happen. I’m afraid that there is nothing else you can do to change the account affiliated email.

CCP does not offer much support when it comes to SISI, unfortunately.

Well that’s no fun :frowning:
Hopefully a mirror fixes it then.

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