Need help creating an EVE online map on Excel using VLookup function


I am currently in the process of creating an Excel file for my industrial needs. I am doing the SCI or System Cost Index list. I managed on one page to create a list of almost all of the data I need, with under column 1 : System ID,
under column 2 : Name of said system,
column 3 : Related activity (Research, manufacture, etc…),
column 4 : the actual SCI.

I would like to add two more columns between columns 2 and 3, respectively the constellation and region associated to the system so I can map it more efficiently and automate the search of a cheap AND close-by system again, for my industrial needs.

I want to be able to find and import on my Excel file a list of all the systems contained into each constellations and region so I can use the VLOOKUP function and associate at least a region name to each listed system.

My question is : Do you know such a list and where can I get one?

Thank you in advance.

The Static Data Export has what you would need;O=A you can find CSV formatted data here


Should have all the data you need, although sorting through it will be down to you

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Awesome thank you this solved my problem! Don’t worry about sorting it out, Ctrl+F will take care of it.

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