Need Help Getting My Crane Back

Is there a mod or anything so i can get my crane back. i had to take a brake just to come back to find CCP S#$% all over my crane and it is so bad now i can even bring myself to fly it so im left without a transport except for my ores. like WFT CCP

Please try to use English when posting, or say which language you are trying to use.

If your cat is walking all over your keyboard then please say so.


as Hooke said, calm down and explain clearly what you need, it is hard to understand your problem

Unlike the other two, I completely understand what you are trying to say.


The new crane model is here to stay.

Personally, I like the new model, but it’s clear that you don’t. And hey, some guys like fat, ugly chicks and I’m not going to say you can’t. But there is no mod or method to bring the old model back.

oh? it is a problem of appearance and skin??? i thought OP was talking about recovering his previous ship from asset safety or something like that…
Remember, OP: “all this is gold does not glitter” (Lord of the Ring) :wink:

More about appearance, less about skin I think. He doesnt like the new crane and bustard models.

My Tayra was named Grubworm for a reason… I’m much happier with the new models.

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