Tayra,Bustard,Crane Redesign

Was checking out the dev blog to see what these ships would look like in the re design and only one thing came to mind instantly, CCP took a Naga and smushed it to be flat and called it a re design :roll_eyes:

^^ click link if you have not seen it yet^^

Don’t get me wrong i kinda think its intresting but my bustard now looks like a fat seal :slight_smile:


Muh Badger!!! :sob:

Why CCP? Why?


I like the new design and was looking forward to it, awesome job.



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While I like the 3 new designs way more than the older ones, I do wish they were a bit more distinct.


Take the basic Caldari industrial design concept and build on it. This was a complete change (if you want to call it that. It looks like a Naga rip-off).

Next redesign the Naga to look like a Bustard?


Jones, mate, do you have a contact name in game, I’d like to discuss with you about the redesign bustard issue

A little thought on the Caldari industrial shop redesign,

I noticed the new tayra and badge distinguished their engines to their heir, the bustard and crane, due to both of superiority in warp engine details, the crane class fits with a faster warping speed and also faster acceleration on it, make its warp engine advanced and therefore possibly requires larger space to mount in.
The bustard class somehow fits with a more steady and robust warp engine, not advanced in speed but it’s core steadibility, makes it engine also requires distinguished mounting.

And also seems redesigned crane and bustard have the animation on paddling burners and micro warps, which also heritages from its afterburner and acceleraters such bonus on their velocity bonus on overheating, are well presented also as sub warp speed engine parts.

And the new crane bolted with plating devices are the scanning proof materials to keep cargo safety of integrity.

but I do some how like other bustard drivers noticed the gap between original design and recent redesign seems confused me, it looked like a naga, which was successfully depicted as a gunnery platform with smooth surfacing plating for better aiming and clearing its sight as battery platforms.
Therefore, make the the hauling operates like driving a slick combat ships, and it really should be driven towards its roll as a houler,
If we take a look at the previous design, the out portion of mounted and bolted cargo chamber with a small cockpit in frontal, really represented the effort of hauling, its more towards of its definition Not superbly done but it worked. I think it’s a good point to take considerations of, like suggested would be great if can work upon the previous model of meaning and the original Caldari industrial concept.

I think the latest concept on the engine distinction and seeking out from the cargo orientated as representation to approach realisation seems working, and could be done more excitingly with a shift from original design.

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post feedbacks promptly to recent changes, but I’m told I should have post them in forum to raise any attention to the original design team.

I love the re-design of the Caldari industrial ships, especially the new warp animation. But why does the Bustard have a force field drone bay at the rear? It can’t use drones…


Mate it seems like an open parts with animation depicting exhaustion on overheating its engine and burners. Seems it’s orientated with the emergency responses to its engine parts.

careful looking looks like a smushed naga/minature bowhead :confused:


I hope they do the Sigil next. Also, since they discarded the Iteron Mk. I to IV, maybe they can have a different design for the new names? It made sense when each iteration of the Iteron just got bigger when you increased the Mk., but now they could be different. The Sigil does need a redo more though.

looks embarrassingly bad lol

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I think we simply meant to say, the bustard class can be more distinguishing looking to general combat ship designs and also we highly recommended redesign could work from original Caldari industrial concept, it lasted for decades and become iconical symbol to defining concept of Caldari faction.

With updating on this thread, the visual art group could have a chance browse through,

Don’t forget the Badger. It looks great too, but it doesn’t look anything like a badger.

They should have made it look like an iron spaced out badger with some sort of landing gear or something that looks like paws and the cockpit should have looked like a badger face.


It’s like they took a bowhead and put it in a compressor array

Looks kinda retarded and non-unique

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Right, mate, it looks like general sophisticated design fit for other combat ship doctrine, didn’t seem on the cord of doctrine of Caldari traditional industrial design.

I’m not against the redesign at all but… Why not just use the new meshes for T1 ones and keep the visial of the T2 ones ? More diversity, good stuff…


Right, mate, even if seeking out and stretch the concept of Calgary industrial doctrine, and evolve it off its procurer,
the redesign seems still need a lot of research and test on its potentials and directions,

it just looks like need a lot of work yet.

It’s just my impression or the new models looks A LOT like x series freighters?

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