Need Help getting orginized

Ok this is my first ever post on the forums and i need a bit of help.

i have been manufacturing for a few years now and havent really ever worried about orginization. now that im getting into more of the expansion and mass production i need help.

What im looking for.

  • is there a way to put my blueprints on to an excel file so i can type in how many i want and it tells me how much i need to mine ?
  • in the same lines i need to know how much it will cost for an engineering complex in sov per run.
  • also im looking for something that gives me how long it will take me to mine out an anom with a rorqual.

i know this is asking a lot but i figured some one has done the math and already has a few of these spread sheets set up. any help would be grateful
i have already looked on google but almost everything is for highsec and pre rorqual and engineering complex.

Take a look at an application called IPH (isk per hour) I am not sure if it is being developed but it will show you how much you need in materials (normally as a method to buy but you could mine them if you wish.

It is still being maintained by Zifrian.
I contacted him by e-mail a week ago and he has been tied up with a new addition to the family.

From e-mail on the 13th:
"I’m slowly working on updates. So yes, but may at the level in the past.

I’ll start a new thread when I get the current work done and publish a new version.

I have a 12 week old son and he takes up most of my time right now, as he should. "

Well, that’s nice to hear on many levels. All hail Zifrian. As usual.

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