Need help with aggression mechanics

Hey o7

A bit of background story…

I’ve recently got into command ships for the first time and Im still confused about the player aggression mechanics.

A RL buddy of mine is a fresh alpha and I just like to take eve at his pace, very slow and enjoyable.
I am just tagging along on his missions and support him when needed. He is doing level 2’s in a thrasher right now.

We are going to be moving up to 3 and 4 as soon as his standings allow, I don’t want to boost his standings and ruin his enjoyment.

My question is…

We are in different npc corps and are in the same fleet, will i get concorded if i use command boosts on him ?

Is it safe for me to remote rep/shield/cap him ? He is a bit of a Leeroy Jenkins when it comes to missions and triggers and I would also like to try a support role now.

Another question, can i use 2 shield command bursts with different scripts or do the boosts over write ?

Im in a nighhawk, would i be better using a command tengu ? I know that both are absolute overkill for missions, just enjoy seeing him discover the game slowly.

Also, will he flag for me if he takes some stuff from my wrecks ?


Will i get concordokened if i remote assist/command boost non-corpie fleet member ?


No you won’t be conkoredokken’ed for boosting a fleet member. Just be careful shooting each other’s wrecks and you should be fine. Make all wrecks blue before looting to stop gaining suspect flags too.

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when you’re in a fleet, you can take from his wrecks without triggering suspect state, as evidenced by the white colour.

blue = loot is free to take for everyone (not to destroy, unless you abandoned it)
white = loot is free to take for you (not to destroy, unless you created it)
yellow = loot “belongs” to someone else

The others have the aggression aspect handled I want to go a different way with my response.

I admire the desire to help a friend but to be honest boosts is the wrong way to do it. Missions for new players are a learning experience, balancing cap against tank and weapons needs, Incoming DPS against tank ability are just two of the primary ones. By boosting him you change the relationship of these and other aspects of missions which enables him to be lazy and crazy and do things he should not be doing, things that will get his ships destroyed when you are not around to provide boosts.

Essentially this comes down to the old phrase give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life. Fly with him in a combat ship, coach him on how to select targets to reduce incoming DPS as quickly as possible. Teach him how to actually fly his ship to reduce the incoming damage instead of relying on the automated orbit at range auto pilot. Teach him how to use the tools available like EvE Survival to determine what the triggers are and exactly what is needed to complete the mission.

In the end you can teach him these things now and save him frustration and ISK later, or you can assist him (boosts) in developing bad habits and a devil may care attitude that will cost him later, and later (level 4 ) unlearning those bad habits will be expensive and frustrating.

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