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Now honestly I have searched and there seems to be something simple I must be missing. Oh… its not on this character though. I have a char in a large null corp but I won eve a few years ago and took a long break. Recently returned though. And I did ask in corp chat but all the answers were so vague like there is something simple everyone but me knows. I gave up asking them because it really was embarrassing. I tried Eve Uni, YT, Google… cant find what I’m missing. So anyway, the question I have is… How the heck do I take a Titan Bridge Jump? I know its within 2500 from Bridge ship. I see the giant blue halo when its launched. Ive right clicked the bridge ship and saw nothing about jumping. I clicked in space and didn’t see anything there either. I checked my overview settings in case its something I’m not able to see but I don’t find anything to select in there. I’ve turned down a few fleets today until I sort this out. I also took a frigate out to any Titan that looked like it was bridging and clicked the ■■■■ out of everything. I accidentally bumped one also. That was fun. Any help for my dumb ass is greatly appreciated.

You need to be in fleet with the Titan, so that’s why your experiments weren’t working. :slight_smile:

After that, get within 2500m, wait for the bridge, RC (right click) on the titan, and then select “Jump through to xxxx”. Note that the context menu only updates when you reopen it. So, if you RC to early, the option will not be present. And you’ll need to RC again to get the option.

Here’s a video as well. Hope that helps. And if you have any more questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask.


Three important rules to keep in mind when titan bridge jumping:

1 - Don’t bump the titan.


3 …


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