Need some R&D pointers

Hi guys

I’ve been playing Eve for a fairly long time, but never got into R&D. When skill injectors came out I pretty much dumped all my mining, hauling, pi toons and switched to combat.

However, I also do some explo and end up with a bunch of blueprints, data cores, etc. that I have been pretty much just selling off outright.

So I trained some minimum R&D skills and I’m trying out upgrading some blueprints etc.

So first question is, what is a good way to make some ISK on R&D skills, if there is one, other then the R&D missions and LP. Any particular optimal skill paths ? Or is it just what I end up getting the most blueprint wise from explo ?

2nd, what affects success rate on upgrading a blueprint from T1 to T2 for example ?

3rd, its been a long time since I was into all this stuff and a lot of changes have happened since then. I’ve been trying to dig up some answers but I’m still unclear, as to what benefits (other then locations obviously) there are to running blueprint jobs in a player owned station or citadel vs NPC owned station.

Thanks for the pointers.

Invention and selling the T2 BPCs. Have fun calculating the right price though.

Everything in the Science category except for Advanced Laboratory Operations, Research Project Management, Scientific Networking, Research, Science, Metallurgy, Astronautic Engineering.
Every other skill improves the invention success rate per level in a particular field.

Time. Nothing else. Jobs run faster in structures than in stations, but potentially cost more depending on indexes and whether you user your own structure (direct fuel cost) or someone else’s structure (taxes, which might be higher than NPC taxes).

Gotcha, thanks a lot. So basically as skills go, its the skill levels necessary per given datacore type.

Thanks for the other clarifications. I’m not too worried about prices, like I said, I have a lot of prints and cores from explo, so I’m just looking at this as supplimental income. Might as well throw them into research and upgrade them for some extra ISK and let them cook themselves while I do other stuff. Once done I’ll just see where they fit into with other BPCs on the contracts and put them accordingly.


first of all, if you want to do Invention and sell the T2 BPCs, there’s no need to research your BPOs - the ME and TE of the source T1 BPC doesn’t matter for Invention.

Each T1 BPC has a set of three skills from the research area which determine the invention success chance. It’s always two advanced science skills and one encryption methods skill. The encryption methods skill has a slightly lower effect on success chance than the other two - you want all at 4 at least if you’re doing this as a business…

You can take the difference between production cost and buy order price as a pointer to price T2 BPCs if no contracts are to be found - remember though that the industrialist who builds the item also wants a slice of this…


Don’t forget the use of decryptors as well, since these also impact resulting ME/TE stats, chance of success, and number of runs of the invented BPC.

Yea, I got the decryptors down since I have a whole bunch of them from data sites.


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