Needs to be Addressed

CLOAK. Haulers using the Cloak Trick MUST be Addressed. A Cloak should only be permitted on specific cloaking ships and not inure a penalty, a Cloak fitted to NON cloaking chips should be the SAME as Activating a SIEGE MODULE, Make the ship STOP where they activate the cloak for a minimum of 10 Seconds THEN allow them to slow boat

WARS. Make ALL Corporations Elidable for War Decs, but ONLY Corps that have a WAR HQ able to Declare a War, there are too many Corps that have their structure under a 1 man Corp to Avoid Wars

Scan Res. Even with a Ship with a 4250 Scan Res, alot of ships are almost IMPOSSIBLE to tackle at gates, PLEASE ADDRESS THIS

LOOT DROPs Please add 100% loot drop events more often and include POD,s dropping implants

Citadels the Web and Scrams need to be able to stay ACTIVE for longer with a shorter cool down
Also Mods to increase fighter speed or Damage would be use full

Star Gates they need to have their jump aggression timer reduced to 10 Seconds, 30 is far too long

Mobile Warp Bubbles Is there a way they can be Deployed in HS and ONLY effect War Targets?

Stacking Penalty. Please add a penalty for Remote Reps, having 20+ Guardians repairing 1 ship is #OVERKILL

Ready for the FLAME FEST…

Considering how many Cloak-MWD DST already die even if they use the technique, the problem is on your end and not with the mechanic. Just Q burn a frigate towards the DST when it cloaks and tackle it. It’s as easy as taking away candy from a baby.

While generally in favor of this I would limit the war eligibilty to corps/alliances beyond a certain size. If your group has more than 5000 characters, you are not a social corp anymore that needs protection from aggression. You should have more than enough people to stomp attackers into the dust with ease. If you don’t, then maybe take proper care of your members and train them.

That is not possible to address because it’s a server frequency problem. However, since people have found a way to manipulate the server priority list in their favor and have repeatedly shown that they can catch instawarp ships (I have been on the receiving end of this, too), it’s not exactly a problem anymore.

No, this just devalues item value.

The timer is 1 Minute. But why should it be shorter? Do you need that to get away from an unfavorable situation? If you attack you are committed. If things go sour, it’s your fault for being illprepared.

No one needs bubbles in high sec, least of all wardec groups who already know very well how to catch all the things.

Exists already, was implemented years ago (by now). That is exactly why there are 20+ Guardians now. See the pattern? :wink: Your suggestion created the opposite of what you wanted to achieve. Now you are even worse off. :joy:



I am bad at PvP , don’t want to put any effort into it, and I want free kills.

  1. Cloak - these were added for a reason. They are working as intended, as far as I can see it.

  2. Wars - This is working as intended.

  3. Scan res - This is not true. About the only thing you’re going to have trouble catching with an instalocker is a shuttle or a sub-2 ceptor. Even then, with a good ping, you can still catch them.

  4. Loot drops - I agree about pods, but 100% loot drops for everything would be too far.

  5. Citadels - These are already too powerful as it is.

  6. Star Gates - It’s 60 seconds, and this has been the same for 18 years - no reason to change it now.

  7. Bubbles - No, bubbles are a null/WH thing only.

  8. Stacking penalty - This already exists. Diminishing returns for all remote reps were added in 2019.


Well, there needs to be a balance between predator and prey, or all the prey will either turtle, log off, or try to become predators themselves. It will hurt player numbers and throw off population balance.

Now, to be fair, I do think that things are balanced in favor of prey in HS right now. However, I think that’s as it should be. There needs to be a space for newbros to find their footing and for the risk adverse to hang out. Thus, when it comes to most of your points, my response to you is to git gud. You make it sound like HS PvP needs most of those changes, when, in fact, it does not. HS hunting can be challenging, but you do have options, and there is no shortage of idiots that will make things easy for you. Thus, you can either step up your game, or eschew harder targets in favor of soft targets.

Anyway, I do think that something needs to be done about war decs. I feel like they went from one extreme to the other when it comes to war eligibility. However, I’m not sure what the best course of action should be.

Oh, and you might find the following post to be of interest.

No P2W

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game is almost dead

EVE’s been dying since 2003. Making it easier for folks in high sec by nerfing mechanics won’t fix anything.

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This is not a really big issue tbh

The reason this happened was because of blanket decs, if you can find a way to stop those blanket decs from happening then maybe we will get this

Not a problem as many ships that can do this are limited in the ability to do many other things.

Destruction is good, you getting a 100% payoff for killing something is not.

No the idea is if you want to defend you should undock a fleet, not being able to hold one person until they die is part of that.

No it doesnt it works fine the way it is.

Absolutly not

I agree with this one

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I will contest you on this one Brisc as i can get any corp i want to become my ally by anchoring a POCO in the middle of a WH and there is no way to knock this ally out of a war thus giving the defender the ability to recruit any one to help them fight and being a a position where taking them out of the fight is impossible and all they have to do to end their war eligibility is to either transfer the POCO or to blow it up if they are still in the war.

Allys should abide by the war HQ requirement as aggressors do.

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  1. Decloaking people is a skill. You need to practice and get good at it.

  2. Old wars caused lots of people to just dock for a week until the war was over. They had no options for fighting because wardeccers chose vulnerable groups. This was so bad for the game. And why can’t you just wardec the structure holding company and blowup the structure?

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No, you can’t have the haulers served up on a silver platter to you. Put a little thought into ganking.

Then declare war on them, blow up their presumably undefended structures, and steal the cores. Previous wardec mechanics were dumb, in highsec wars should be for removing structures not harassing random corps. This isn’t to say that I don’t think people should have no adversity in highsec but you shouldn’t just be able to pay CONCORD 100m to legally shoot them.

You need 20 guardians repping to counter the 100 HACs shooting the primary. And as stated there were already penalties implemented.

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