[NEMA Press Release] NEMA Quarterly Report Release / YC121 Year End Gala

The closing of another year in the New Eden Cluster comes upon us once more! What better way to celebrate than by releasing a hard-hitting investigative journalism publication, throwing a party, and celebrating another year in the cluster? (I can think of a lot of things actually, but most are illegal in some way.)

Join us at the Boom Boom Room, orbiting beautiful Cat III.


Because you wanted it… no, because you demanded it, we have officially updated our cover story for the release. Here’s a sneak peek:

I honestly had no idea that the CODE. feature was going to be so hotly debated. I thought it would be a simple throwaway piece, but the numbers did not lie and the interest was noticed.

So, of course, I had to contact a Princess to get a good story.

I’ve got to say, I expect the outrage… ahem, I mean the response to be quite vigorous.

Additionally, we’ll be launching the NEMA Media Division officially.

For one evening only, all room, board, and bottle is on me. Just come to the Boom Boom Room. [YC121.12.14.22:00] I expect it’ll be an evening to remember, so dress fancy.


I think there’s a typo in the date of the gala. It seems to be lacking a month number.

Shhhh… (thanks.)

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So, Th3 b00m b00m r00m Azbel is a big place. Where on this station is the party held?

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