Neocom buttons - changing color

I have noticed that my neocom buttons continuously change color from a light blue to white. My chosen client theme color is either Gallente or Gallente II.

Whenever I login to the client and enter the game - TQ or SISI doesn’t matter - my neocom buttons will appear white. When I unlock my neocom, resize it and then resize it to my preferred size it will again be a light blue color. I will then lock the neocom.

Undocking from a station/citadel or jumping through a gate (haven’t tried it jumping with a jump drive) will cause the light blue neocom buttons to revert back to a white color.

When my neocom buttons go white the only way to change their color is to unlock and resize the neocom panel. This never lasts. They always revert back to white after a jump or client change.

Has ANYONE else noticed this before? Am I losing my mind here…???

Cheers, and thanks

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I can confirm this issue and I have submitted a bug report as well. In my case, the colour & contrast is white after each single login into the game. The colour & contrast reverts itself to the right theme after opening any UI window and stays that way for the rest of my gaming session. I have not tested any other circumstances. Using Minmatar scheme btw. Below is the picture - left is the wrong colour scheme; right is the correct one.

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Exactly! Thought my eyes were going funny!
Those pictures are perfect.

Aye, it started exactly at the February Update release. I did no changes to settings or my hardware, it started just like that after the downtime update.

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I will also file a bug report on this matter.

Certainly this is a small issue (seemingly) yet an issue none the less and perhaps once Eve goes full 64 bit and the game code is reconciled for 64 bit only (which should clean up a lot of these little nuance issues imo) these little issues should end - especially since this issue seems to also effect visual settings in the client.

Cheers mate and thanks again for the screenshots!

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