Nerf Ganking Megathread

The analogy isn’t hard to follow. If you are only picking on the ones that lack the faculties to control themselves then you are no different to the bullies in school who pick on the kids that lack the faculties to control themselves or defend themselves. In my opinion.

“Angry miners are like children with learning difficulties.”

- Geminus Duolphus, YC124


It’s obtuse to ignore that there is a significant portion of the ganking population that do just this.

They are baiting a reaction from people who lack the composure or faculties to restrain themselves then having a good laugh at their meltdowns in chat.

It’s not an irrelevant analogy and to assume that everyone has the same ability to restrain themselves and “choose” how they respond in chat is pretty ableist.

You forgot the part of the analogy where the gankers are the bullies taking advantage of them.

There’s a portion of toxic behaviour everywhere. Gankers, antigankers, gank targets, survivors of ganks. They are all equally as bad as each other.

However, trying to compare gankers alone to a real life abuse situation involving a child with learning disabilities is completely irrelevant to playing a video game. That isn’t an analogy that applies to EVE at all. We are all sitting completely safely in our own gaming chairs, etc. in front of our computers.

So yes, choosing to be a small player that has no control over the situation of their characters is a mindset and anyone can choose a different mindset and take responsibility for their safety and/or learn from mistakes.


Citation needed.

Sure, but a person’s own lack of self-control doesn’t shift responsibility and accountability of the insults that come out of their mouth nor excuse their behavior. Perhaps it is relatable in a sympathetic kind of way, but long ago societies figured out that “make two wrongs” isn’t productive. This is precisely why I started the GM's holding strangers accountable for toxic behavior thread, because even in Low Sec when I kill someone I – not often, but not zero – get convo’d and then receive a lot of aggressive remarks from the other party. Their behavior is not my fault and I should not be held accountable for their personal flaws.

Ah, FYI, you and Kezrai (in this post Player Count - #118 by Kezrai_Charzai) would have a lot in common.

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If everyone is safe at home in their gaming chairs why do we have bullying and harassment policies. Anti grooming policies and so on.

By your way of thinking we are playing a game which no one has any real world attachment or emotional investment in.

If that were truly the case then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

The toxic elements preying on the weaker elements and using their numbers, experience and bigger wallets to do so is bullying. Just because it happens in a game doesn’t mean it’s any different.

Being small as a mindset to use an analogy is no different to the idea that everyone that is poor in the world can just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work themselves out of poverty. It’s obtuse to all the context of the situation and no matter how many times you try and say, “this is irrelevant” with authority it’s not going to come across as any less obtuse.

I am not speaking for Scipio, but the concept your are looking for is sportsmanship. You can play a game, be emotionally invested in it and care, but not to a degree that leaves the “in-game”, and maintain a healthy boundary/distance between reality and the game.

This goes both belligerents in Combat, no matter who comes out “on top”.

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No that isn’t what I’m saying. What I’m saying is we aren’t the equivalent of children with learning difficulties put into a real life bullying situation with people right in front of them.

This is a good example of a situation where CCP should step in under their policies and ban individuals like yourself that lack the perspective to be able to equate what happens in EVE effectively. The toxicity expressed in these posts is exactly what needs to be removed (along with the other crap that goes on).

If you can’t have the self discipline to control your response to what occurs in game and have to take it to an extreme, you should be gone. You don’t deserve to be able to play this game.


Wait, how are the sensitive ones identified before they go bickies-mental?

I missed that bit

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Except in the game everyone can pull themselves up by the bootstraps, because this is a game, and is absent of any real-life advantages or mitigating factors. Everyone starts out with a rookie ship, can train the same skills, and acquire the same items. There are no little starving African children with distended bellies in EVE Online, or people missing limbs because they stepped on a mine in their war-torn shithole of a country, or poor people forced to work 16-hour shifts in Nike sweatshops for barely enough money to buy a bowl of pagpag. In EVE Online, we’re all fearsome spaceship captains who graduated elite academies, and were fully trained in the arts of business and war.


The point is not everyone has the ability to control themselves in game and it is those people being preyed upon.

That you equate someone challenging your view on the situation with toxicity says a lot though.

I mean do I not get ganked more often because they know Im calm and resourceful?

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I think the argument is basically “don’t shoot anyone at all, because some of them might be sensitive.”


That you can’t see the difference between EVE and your analogy also says a lot and you clearly lack the ability to apply perspective to the situation and should be banned from the community.

Take it as you want, but enough is enough laying blame on one group or another. You are all equally as bad as each other and as equally toxic to our community.


Of course because no one in eve ever used their well established position to keep down those with a less well established position.

Take your rookie ship and try and carve some space in null sec building an alliance and see how long till one of the bigger alliances evicts you or asks you to rent the space because you are too close to theirs to just exist.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing I’m just saying that everyone starting eve has the same opportunity within the game is a myth. Some people start connected just like in the real world and some people really do just start with a rookie ship and their imagination.

I cant wait to find out who my mystery benefactor is and what they do to help me

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Your ignoring of the situation and putting on blinkers to it is just as toxic to the community from my point of view.

I wouldn’t call for a ban though because your opinion doesn’t threaten me. Makes me a little sad but it doesn’t threaten me.

Everyone gets ganked. The ganking isn’t the end game for the toxic elements. The end game is the salt they get to mine in chat.

But I dont give salt, I just say “gf” and move on.

So are you saying thats an active part of why I dont get ganked often?

In fact if youve been in the Why Was I ganked channel, youll note how relatively little salt there is.

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