Neu Incursion Gruppe

Hallo wir machen eine Neue Incursion Gruppe auf!
Wer mitmachen will mich einfach in game anschreiben!

mfg bernd

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Zum Deutschen Forum geht’s hier lang, mein Herr: Deutsches Forum

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“Sollte jemand zu uns dazu stoßen wollen, möge er mich doch bitte einfach im Spiel anschreiben!”

Ihr habt keine nennenswerten Mindestanforderungen, ne? : - )

Nicht ein freuden pazlo?


( … btw, I keep looking for the guy’s name. It wasn’t Doc Fury, he had the FuryBot. It was some other guy but I forgot his name and can’t find it anymore. Someone please help me out! )


(must be 5 letters long)

The guy who originally came up with the “Wat” and used it so often that other people started copying it, including showing copyright.

@Jonah_Gravenstein You might remember?

Was™ kommt zu Ihnen dank der deutschen Tochtergesellschaft von Jim Era.


Jim Era! Yes! Thank you!

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I just hope I didn’t murder that too much with my rusty German.

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Nein, das war absolut in Ordnung! :smiley:

lol I did have problems with the right word for subsidiary, German is such a literal language sometimes; you lot and your verdammt compound words, daughter-society/company indeed…

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Raspedeutch !

Streussel !!

Closing this thread; please feel free to remake it in the correct part of the forums. Thank you.