Never Again March

Did players attend the Never Again March? If so then what was your overall impression of the event and how such an event brought you together with new players from Eve Online?

Did anyone reach out to those at the event and invite them to play Eve Online?

My overall impression is this.

Executing “Ghost Gun” owners and “Ghost Gun/Component Smiths”

The current President wants to execute drug dealers. Where is the current President in wanting to execute “Ghost Gunsmiths?”

But what about executing those who manufacturer “Ghost Guns” or “Ghost Components” that would include “Ghost Bump Stocks” of which such weapons and conversions cannot be traced because they do not come with a serial number and are meant to Ghost Kill people with?

Shouldn’t such “Ghost Gun Smiths” also be executed for producing a product that is obviously meant to kill people with, much like the drugs that dealers deal that also kill people?

There was a march? Sorry, I was too busy cleaning my custom 870 with under-barrel 37mm launcher to notice…

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Did you remember to get the new self detonating explosive Anthrax rounds from your local Wal-Mart?

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