Neverwinter Nights 1 is the best fantasy "mini-MMORPG" and you need to try it! (Looking for streamers!)

Yes yes I know…it is a bit old but the fact is that to date there is no better “fantasy MMORPG” out there (still). Yeah sure games like World of Warcraft are bigger…but this game is still going strong after 15 years or more and it is still the best adaption of Dungeons and Dragons to a computer games ever made!

So if you want an in depth roleplaying experience with tactical battles you should definately try this.

The good news is that…with some help…I managed to get my favourite Persistent World (PW) server hosted again. So basically it is just to start to play, grind, craft and roleplay :slight_smile:

What do you need to play?

Well…you need Neverwinter Nights 1. The only place I know where you can still buy it is this:

For some reason the game you recieve there is not full…lol…se bear with me…you have to get the critical rebuild patch:

About online multiplayer, quote from the GoG site:

Block Quote

Multiplayer notice: In order to access the multiplayer portion of the game, you must first enter your unique cd-key. This CD key can be found in your account page. Please be advised that online master servers are no longer functional. Please use the Direct Connect option to log onto your preferred server via IP address.

To play on my server you will also need CEP version 2.4. (Community Expansion Pack)

which is actually used by many (if not most PW’s).

There! You are set to go on spectacular adventures! Just press play on tape!


Already played it, years ago.

I have to gog version of 1 and 2 too.

I remember! \:relaxed:/
I liked so much to play the editor, slightly less the actual game.
It was so easy to build stuff there.

Unfortunately my commodore dataset broke. :anguished:

Did you try multiplayer online?

Easy to build :roll_eyes: Well to build good stuff is hard :slight_smile:

Also looking for streamers who want to stream this lovely game in some MP co-op! :star_struck:

No I haven’t, I tried to get a friend to play it, but they never did.

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Looks over at the old Platinum edition on multiple CDs on the shelf

Been a while since I dug that out. Also have the complete anthology edition from about six years back where they had it plus the entirety of NWN 2 with expansions on DVD.

Good times.

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Well you can live the good times again :sunglasses:

The game is still here…not sure why people keep talking about it in the past tense :roll_eyes:

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Because most people have already played it into the ground by now.

I don’t really belieave so. Remember that this is one of the games (if not THE one) in history that has the most amount of custom content. Including single player adventures, multiplayer adventures…and whatnot. If you started playing now…you couldn’t play through all the content until the end of your life.

I mean…its probably easier to play EVE into the ground :-\

And again…if you haven’t playing it and multiplayer and especially then on “persistent world” servers…you kind of missed the whole point :-\

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But I want to do something else in life. :smile:


I have played several games like that into the ground honestly, a lot can be done in 15 years. I am not saying I do not still play it of course, but I think many people have just moved on by now. Playing it into the ground does not mean you did every thing possible, it just means you did everything you had interest in doing with it.

It definitely does not have the most content, I spent just as much time modding Morrowind as I did playing it, and I have played it thousands of hours. I plan to play it more if/when they finish the open source 64bit client, and have many other games that can be modded nearly endlessly. I think it just depends on which game it is people are wanting to play more, and there are tons of moddable games out there. I personally would not want to focus on just 1 of them.

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Because a lot of time was put into it previously. Additionally the game is rather fiddly with the UI compared to newer more streamlined offerings. Then throw in the occasional crash to desktop as it doesn’t interact particularly well with newer hardware… and being very unfriendly with attempts to alt-tab on occasion.

Point being it was an absolutely great time for years and years but it isn’t the most stable platform to work from. And there are so many newer game offerings to choose from for a hundred hours or so of fun that feel fresh. I mean, go look at a single player game called CrossCode which is nearing actual completion and release. Has retro looks but the gameplay is very tight.

Naah…it never crashes dude…however, the alt tabbin problems…yeah some slight problems there…

…I dont play single player…

It seems that NWN will soon come in an enhanced edition. Similar to Baldur’s Gate and other games that where “enhanced” by the developer Beamdog.

Which is pretty cool…cause if I understand correctly it means that my server (and all other persistent world servers) will be able to migrate to the new version in an easy way…while letting the client enjoy easier installation, improved graphics and functionality and whatnot.

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Oh, I will definitely check that out.

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