City of Heroes is back!

But don’t tell anyone…

If you’re someone who back then loved CoH and hated NCsoft for closing it down, let me tell you something I only learned about a few weeks ago myself. It’s BACK!

There are several servers but some try to be more official than others. I’m on one that has several servers locations for different timezones and the experience is as official and legit as it gets (minus NCsoft which is a good thing). It’s also well run with a form of quality control where they have standards instead of “lol who cares”, which is why some are bitching about it and to me that’s a good sign. Been playing again for a few weeks now and it’s just as fun as it ever was.

So if you want to get back in to the game that you loved OR you’ve never heard of it but want to try something new, different and amazing: google “city of heroes Homecoming”. If you google around a bit you’ll find a post explaining how to join up :stuck_out_tongue:

But as said: don’t tell anyone :slight_smile:

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Too late, you already told us.

What is this? Ive never heard of City of Heroes. Is it like EVE online?

So it’s a superhero game? Ah, not personally interested, then, but you go for it.

Emulators can be interesting - for the time they last…

I know… this thread is a bit necro, but just testing out my super villain powers. :smiling_imp:

Yah, I remember this was one of the first MMO’s to debut specific roles for archetypes and then double down on it. And actually named the archetypes appropriately, like tanker, blaster, scrapper, controller, and healer, IIRC. Very interesting and fun times when MMO’s were just starting out.

Anyways, there’s a few spiritual successors to City of Heroes that are in development:

City of Titans
Ship of Heroes
Heroes and Villains

Probably won’t interest the average EVE player, but thought you might find it promising. The first two may have the most potential to succeed, with the first seeming to be the most polished so far, but maybe still months or years for release realistically.

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