No Man’s Sky,.... Update!

With multiplayer. Now, you can grind with friends,… as “Shiny balls of light.” With the right friend(s) grinding is fun!

‘No Man’s Sky’ gets basic multiplayer a year after debut

No Man’s Sky - Atlas Rises - 1 Year After Release


Thinking about buy it on PS4…

Pre-ordered it last year on PC and bought it.

Most of my time is spent there lately.

Well, that looks like something that starts to living up to promises, partially at least.
I suppose they have gone the path of least resistance when doing multiplayer. Shiny balls tho… :thinking: all we need now are floppy dongs like in this new Conan survival game.

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I thought that game was dead long ago. Good that they’re continuing updating it, I suppose.

Still not interested in playing it, personally, but whatever people want to do.

I only kept watching after finding out your “teammates” in the quasi-multiplayer part are only visible as glowing balls because of the EvE videos Scott Manley has made in the past. …oh…and yet another scifi thing with “aliens” that are essentially just reskinned humans? yawn I’m glad EvE doesn’t do that.

Broke all promises made during development.
$60 on release.
Grindy as hell.
After the first few hours you can land and immediately see that this is “planet type Ax45” and the inhabitants have “body type 56” and “head type 21”.
Finishing the game respawns you back at the start trololololololololololol.
Devs go silent for FIVE MONTHS.
Finally updates are released. Minor bug fixes mainly.
Still no real multiplayer.
Still $60

People are idiots.