Any more ongoing jokes about Star Citizen?

Chris Roberts is the worst scam ever. I bought 2 ships and the game hasn’t changed…buggy crud. No matter how pimp your system it’s an unstable piece of junk just meant to generate money.
The FPS portion looks like an FPS I’d play prior to 2010? It’s just terrible.
Only part that’s slightly fun is the introductory and ONLY mission to search the wrecked space station.
Talk about a flop, I did like the wing commander series though. He’s a 1-trick pony, but REALLY rich for working on a rev9olutionary game that’s so old it will never be revolutionary.
I see irony and still have 2 hornet variants in that buggy, planetary ring, the “universe” created thus far in 5yrs?

Sorry and Fallout 76? I hope that’s a in-between to part 5?

Fallout 3->Where’s my dad?
Fallout 4-Where’s my son
Fallout76-"Where’s my refund!

Still loving 4 for it’s replayability.


Ongoing joke? The release date.

I got one: Scam Citizen lol

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And what about New Vegas?

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Never tried actually. I tried fallout 4 before 3 so It’s ruined on me. I play 1 and 2 on 3.5" disks too! Wasn’t too pleased with 3, but would’ve been when it was new.

I still have fun with it, so much replayability and graphics are crazy with thew highres pack and a UWHD monitor…

Got the cheapest ship early on and only recently tried the alpha for the first time. It is so buggy I could not even do that one mission it has.

Also one really has to ask why they put so much effort in all those little animations. They look cool the first two times and then you wish you could skip them. This is not a game, it is the most frustrating and unrewarding glitch simulator I have ever seen.

I really lost hope that they will ever release. They will run out of money pretty soon I guess.


Last time I played it was last year…IU thought it may have potential but it’s already behind the times. 2…$100 pixelated pintos, on a game that sucks.+1

Actually the biggest joke is that you can use SC as a perfect example of both Ponzi schemes and bad project management/unbridled scope creep.

I actually love the concept, some of the ideas were fascinating. I just wish they would focus on delivering a first polished playable release.

Yeah, well, when star citizen finally releases, your grandkids will have the time of their life!

Plus they will thank you for leaving the ships in your will, to them.

I wonder if star citizen has a system set up so that you can pass on your purchase to your loved ones in case you die of old age.

But all joking aside, yeah, it’s a fubar mess. Bad management, they are bleeding money and dont have enough to last another year apparently. They will do what christ Robert’s did on his last game. Bring in a big developer, who reigns him in, and they release a game that only did half of what was promised.

It’s what happened before with his previous game, freelancer. He promised the same things for that game, too. Open world, living universe with living economy and shifting borders, etc etc etc.

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Also it’s been 9 years in development lol.


Not really, development started in 2011 and the original Kickstarter was in 2012. The game was a good concept back then, well before CR decided that money supply was endless and started what will go in history as the messiest videogame development ever.

Last time I checked apparently they were to have a few fully interactable planets with some spaceship gameplay thrown inbetween…

Back in 2012 I backed SC and E:D. Although E:D will never release what attracted me most at the time (avatar gameplay since CCP was obviously abandoning Incarna for EVE), at least they have a game, and either you like it or you don’t but it’s a real product.

Whereas CR has the software development equivalent to a 250 million $ hole on the ground… :roll_eyes:

…with Derek Smart breathing on his neck. :scream:

Oh, was it only 8 years? Still, longer than most AAA titles.

I’ve compared this to Battletech before now. Another kickstarter, but one that set realistic goals. They delivered the game more or less on time, with all goals met, and are now on the second expansion.

Kickstarters need some means to stop fundraising when goals are not met in a reasonable time frame, and scope creep to allow endless fund raising is a scam.

all true, but after discovery mod, freelancer was the best space game I ever played for that time. Better even than the famous elite dangerous Wich is very nice

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I think I went on a 40K lightyears mission/whatever on Elite…Took about 2 days, straight?

That game is too darned empty and huge. Although I do enjoy my skins and bobbleheads and christmas lighting?

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