New AOE modules against drones


Atm the only AOE mods that exist are Smartbombs and Burst ECM (bombs are ammo). Smartbombs are DPS and BECM is jamming. I’d like to see more AOE mods specifically targeting drones to apply other forms of ewar.

  • Stasis Smartbomb
  • Tracking Disruption Smartbomb
  • Dampener Smartbomb
  • Warp Scrambler Smartbomb

These AOE mods have a very limited range (T2 medium smartbomb range) so that they only/mostly work against drone swarms around you and not from far away. TD and Damp smartbombs could be scriptable so that you have to choose between the 2 effects and can’t apply a weaker double debuff. Scripted mods would also prevent module clutter.

One goal is the introduction of an additional avenue against drone boats. A second goal would be to make drone boats less effective in PVE by equipping some BC/BS and elite cruiser NPC with these modules.

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Great idea! This reminded of the “neut smartbomb” idea that I had for a while but never wrote down. This could be a great tool for solo pilots, especially BS and Dread pilots. Also, I would like to addend a long-range smartbomb that does fractions of the damage (say, 5% or less) out to decent ranges, like 30km? This can kill drones, provide anti-bubble sweep, and provides a much better Firewalling platform for anti-bomb and anti-missile uses.

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