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Just seen this over on reddit. One question: Why is there an energy ball coming forth from the gaping hole of the Avatar, indicating that the DD emanates from there, but then the beam comes from a different place anyway? I really hope this is not final. At least for frontal doomsdays the beam should come from that energy source and not a random location on the ship hull that points towards the target.

The rest of hull animations, at least judging by the pictures, doesn’t look too bad. That hole opening is rather insinuating, but quite intriguing to watch. I hope CCP puts the same effort into fixing the DD animation. :slight_smile:



What Energy Ball? You mean the one located where the 6 DoomsDay Beams meet?

As for the gaping hole, maybe that’s what pushes the Beam after the 6 DD Lasers generate it.

Hell it’s Sci-Fi, doesn’t have to make sense, just has to look good.



Yes, that one. The second pictures shows it best. Problem is, it does not look good. Look where the energy feeder beams meet and where the damage beam comes from.


Ok, I’m not sure what you’re looking at. To me it looks like there’s a couple of things messed up in the picture.

  1. There’s a large beam shooting up from about the middle of the 6 Lazor Beams before they meet at the apex.

  2. There’s a small beam shooting out at a weird angle from the ball at the tip where the 6 DD Lazor Beams meet.

I would have liked the art department to have concentrated less on a good animation being made for an event not seen by the majority of EVE players and more on removing/replacing the looped “clear vision” ad in stations with almost anything else (including its removal). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sometimes CCP’s priorities and corporate skill asset assignment leaves me completely baffled. :thinking:


Do you really have to ask where it came from?


:red_circle: I wish it looked like this. :smiley:

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At least Goon-space is going to look fancy.

Do you use that doomsday for krabbing?

Title says animation, yet we only get to see shots.



@Solecist_Project Beg your pardon? Click the Gif in the first post.

At least for full lateral and dorsal Doomsdays, CCP looks to have done a good job as the DD comes from the spikes on the sides. Makes me a bit hopeful that they will fix the frontal DD as well. :slight_smile:

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All I see is worse lag during any fight where titans show up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ooohhhh, now i get it! I was clicking the image, not realizing I should be clicking the link. Still doesn’t show much, considering the camera’s a trillion km away. :stuck_out_tongue: Not your fault, though. :slight_smile:

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