What is This?

I started seeing this splash screen around the time of the attacks. Can’t really tell if it is part of the client or some other thing being launched. Did they add something and not tell us? It comes up right before the launcher.


CCP is really into circles lately…

I suspect the Trigs are getting replaced soon by another basic geometric shape…

Oh! It is the “precursor” for the red dot.

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EtchaSketch can now draw circles. Could be relevant.

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“What is this?”

It’s a logo.

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Do you think they paid someone to do that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s an idealised graphic of a bad fit orca being attacked by 6x Talos’, the little “c” is the capsule floating away on a sea of tears.




“capsule floating away in a sea of tears” - LOLOLOL!

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