New Warp Disruption Bubble VFX

Hi all,

As part of our never-ending effort to renovate the visual and audio sections of EVE Online, our resident VFX master (CCP Myrkur) has made some changes to one of EVE Online’s most seen effects. The Warp Disruption Bubble.

While the current warp disruption bubbles have served us well over the years, we felt that it was time to bring them up to the same level of visual fidelity as of some of our more recent visual FX, while also giving us a chance to re-work some of the tech behind them to make them more performant and to remove a few of the long standing issues, such as the overdraw caused by too many bubbles being placed in close proximity.

The new warp bubble VFX are currently on Singularity for those of you wanting to see them first hand, and they should be landing on Tranquility very soon. For now though, we would love to hear your feedback about them. If anyone does find an issue with them, please do let us know so we can investigate and correct any potential problems. This can be done by either leaving a comment below, or by sending in a bug report via the usual methods (F12 in game).

There will be a masstest on Thursday 23rd November where we’ll putting the bubbles through their paces. If you would like to attend, follow the link below for more details.

CCP Saviour for Team Trilambda

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Nice work! As stated, overlapping bubbles look much better. Some neat techniques keep the edges distinct when viewed from different angles. It’s not the “metaballs” merging method which was proposed long ago, but generally seems to solve the “glowing eye cancer” problem, without going that far.

Tech 1 and Tech 2 anchored bubbles are the same color; I think Tech 2 deserves a slight red tint. A little something to say “I’m better than these other smaller, cheaper bubbles.”

Coolio, will check it out now!

how to launch these new bubbles? arer the changes for hics/dfictors and mobile disuptors?

Yep! These changes touch all of the warp disruption bubbles. So these are not new bubbles, but new visuals for the existing methods you have for spawning them.

No meatballs? Meh…

Struggled to understand the different colors of the bubbles, red / white colors, disappearing at a very quick rate

Happy with the visuals, didn’t have any issues with zooming, overview of the battle, clear visibility

For some reason, I’ve had my drivers crash twice while single testing the new VFXs, don’t know if its related

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