New Byzantinian Mandate recruiting! [Wormhole, PvE, New/Alpha friendly]


(Julius Niminen) #1

The title is pretty self-explanatory. A new and small corp run by Alpha clones and noobs. Obviously, Alphas are welcome. We go mining, wormhole exploring, and quite a bit more. Main base of operations (my location) is Hek. We have a Discord. We do not take things very seriously, but very much prefer industry and exploration over PvP and trolling.

(ViolentNomad) #2

You guys mind guiding a rookie trough some basics ?

(Julius Niminen) #3

Yeah. sure. It’s mostly just me, but I don’t mind.

(ViolentNomad) #4

Cool thnx my steam is manticorelaw

(Julius Niminen) #5

Recruitment still open. (Daily bump)

(system) #6

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