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Hi, I am a new captain in the EVE Online game… What should I do to start my adventure? I want to make friends and earn money and become a trader … Thank you and see you all in space !

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Welcome to New Eden, capsuleer.

This is one of those questions where every single player has constantly and yet nobody can ever give a concrete answer.

I’ll leave you with this picture:

And the EVE University link. Whatever terms in that picture you’re unfamiliar with, plug them into google or that E-UNI wiki and you’ll have (detailed) answers.

Since you already seem to want to do trade, here’s the article on it. I highly advise you to find an in-game corporation to join, either through the in-game corporations window, or in the forums’ recruitment centre.

Trade and industry are closely linked in EVE Online as well, do read up on that article to learn more about it.

I’d also like to reiterate the importance of that picture, trade is far from the only ISK-making thing you can do in EVE, I highly encourage you to try most of the activities in that picture, especially low-cost and/or low-skill activities, you may find them to be far more fun and profitable than trading.

(unrelated to trade, but if you’re overwhelmed by the skill queue in EVE Online, these are the 14 essential skills that you should get trained. It applies to every single ship you’ll be flying in EVE Online.)

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