New contrat type escort/ransom/killmail/insurance

i’m hoping that i’m not the firs to get that idea:
A simple new contract type, nothing more nothing less
similar to the courier contract but with …
…a kind of ensurance contract, exactly as the ship insurance that there is in the game, but by the players.

there should be a collateral and a payout, for both the enshurer and enshured player, where a collateral for someone is the payout for the other, i’ll make some exampes below

this could open up a lot of content like:
-corps can ensure to repay members lost ship;
-courier can find scouts/escorts, and ammortize the losses
-pirates could be trusted when ransoming

this open up also some sort of “not totally positive content” lile:
-insurance fraud
-new kind of scams (courier that scams others, similarly as insourance fraud)

this kind of contract could be implemented in the courier contract interface, i think here it will fits very well


here some examples
you are “red beardthe pro” pirate and encounter “miner thenoob” full of ores, because you are a jenerous persom you ask a ramson before blowing him up. as today most of them will say **** you, so you sadly blow em up, but if there is a contract of this tipe, you pop it on the private chat saying “hey do you see? if you will be blow up in the next 5 minutes i’ll pay you back, now run away, you have 5 minutes to make your *** disappear from my sight”.

redbead: create the contract insurance “for third part”, payout 10m collateral 10m duration 1day (but 5min would be better)
miner: accept the contract,
if miner’s ship will be destroyed before the timeout, mined collect the payout of 10m and redbeard pay the collateral of 10m
if time runs out and miner’s ship don’t blow up redbeard collect the payout of 10m and miner pay the collateral.

as a courier maybe could be usefull to find someone that scout/escort your trip, so in this case the courier’s ship will be insured Xmillion and it work as same way before

the scam problem could be that the courier’s ship is inshured way more the ship cost, so the courier drop the cargohold in a random station and let him blow up, collecting insurance and not loosing the loot.
how that ptoblem could be solved? lemme know some ideas, maybe “enshure also cargohold” could creare new problems and solve others

let me know what do you think and sorry for my english.
i know this idea will need adjustment so i hope to open a good talk about that


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