Non-Aggressive Treaties

I had an idea about ransoms to an extent.

Non-Aggressive Treaties, where you pay or trade item(s) for a specific time agreed upon that a corp/alliance are not allowed (game enforced ability disabled) to attack each other.

For example; You are webified and cannot move, the person that has you trapped says pay me 250mil isk and I wont destroy/attack you. The treaty/contract is completed and for the specified amount of time (with a max of lets say 24 hours or less) neither party be it the individual player, corp, or alliance (whatever was agreed upon) can not have any actions performed to them by the other.


Why bother when you can already do this out of game with Diplomatic agreements?

Part of EVE’s design concept is that agreements like this can always be broken, it’s why having a good reputation in EVE is valuable and not just an inescapable consequence of game mechanics. Replacing trust and player decisions with an “enforce consequences” button is not acceptable.


Some players revel in bad reputation and don’t see it as a limitation.

and then as soon as you pay your ransom a second “unrelated” pilot warps in and vicious cycle repeats…

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When you negotiate a cease fire, it is far more interesting and immersive if it’s comes with all the freedom and risk that you get when dealing with humans.

It’s also far simpler from a game design point. No complex contract and ‘safety setting but only against a certain player or set of players’ malarkey. Just use the chat channel.

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Thisis easy to get around. So they pay the ransom and the corp can’t attack them. Make a 2nd corp and move people into that temporarily to attack them anyway. Use an alt to attack them anyway etc. The only way things are upheld in EVE is when people enforce their word. Making game mechanics for this is a waste of time as it is easy to circumvent.

Also a spai could use this to their advantage. Spai “ransoms” someone in the corp that hired them to force the alliance/corp into a NAP that they didn’t want. LOL so ripe for abuse.

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Which is the essence of the sandbox.

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