Don't pay ransoms to Injected Minds

Paid them a ransom and they blew my ship up anyways (on another alt). Which, whatever, they can do that. But if they ask you for a ransom, don’t pay it.

What is an injected mind ? someone who has bought SP ?, oh and always pay the ransom :slight_smile:

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Just some corp. Member of the alliance Odin’s Call, so maybe think carefully before paying anybody in a corp that is a member of Odin’s Call.

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Paying a ransom promptly and immediately, on time, without even being asked, with an additional bonus tip, on top of any additional fees or surcharges, and then not crying about your ship exploding, but rather paying again as a sign of good faith - that is one hell of a way to make some powerful new friends that have the ability to blow up your ship.

Or you can be a tightfisted penny pinching Scrooge who gripes and complains and enjoy wondering why everyone seems to be shooting you and not each other.

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Is there any kidnapping playing style in eve online?

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That would be fun kidnapping gankers .

As for Ransomes , never pay , never talk to them and never pay . Oh I said that .

Apply Eve’s main rule never fly a ship and fittings you can’t afford to lose, then make each ship pay for itself, once it’s paid for think of it as dead , then you can take more chances with it and mine in ganker hot systems for example.


Dont ever pay ransoms, just write off the ship and move on. There’s no framework in place that will protect you after you pay the ransom - anyone can still blow up your ship even if you’ve paid.


First off … don’t listen to the haters. They put everyone into the same bucket.
Sorry that there’s assholes who don’t honour the ransom.
It happens, but not everyone is like this.

Thanks for posting this …
… and hopefully it will make their next attempts of getting money a little harder.


These assholes make my gameplay a lot harder then it has to be :rofl:

As a ransomer there is little you can do to convince your targets you are going to honour a ransom, so set your own terms and stick to them. Mine are all about honesty: if someone asks how they can be sure of my intentions, I tell them they can’t.

You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to pay up not to lose their ratting Faction cruiser or BS compared to a mining barge. Ransoming is a bit harder to get into these days as it’s more about people not wanting to lose bling. Nobody cares about their barge or PI ship anymore.

It works the other way around for me. Once I know a corp doesn’t honour their ransoms, they simply won’t get one from me anymore. After all, it is a nice gesture to let someone keep their ship after being bested in combat. It’s the nice thing to do, actually.


I’ll repeat the quote: “Don’t squat where you isk.”

Ransom bad

Hijack good

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Maybe we need a register, a list of one’s that are honourable in there trade, we can make a list of bad ones without much effort.

" Yes Mr Miner you can have your ship back for 100mil +70 sorry typo 80 + oh and 20 mill for delivery."
The above is codes princesses version of a
Ransome or scam what ever you want to call it.

Never pay CODE they will be first on the don’t trust list

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Never pay anyone anything…ever. Always play as if you are about to lose, and you’ll never be disappointed when you do. The best teacher is failure. Every time you die, you learn something. Use that and play better.

Some people do pay ransomes.

I don’t know who they are…

Ransoms, I’ve never had one nor done one, but I guess there are multiple factors at play:

  • Victim can pay the ransom and save their ship, if the ransomer honours the ransom
  • Victim can pay the ransom and also lose the ship, if the ransomer doesn’t honour the ransom
  • Ransomer can earn ISK if the victim trusts the ransom to be honoured, in which case the ransomer can choose to shoot the ship anyway or honour the ransom
  • Ransomer doesn’t earn ISK if the victim does not trust the ransom to be honoured, but then the ransomer can shoot the ship anyway

In the end, the win-win situation is if the ransomer always honours their ransoms so that the victims can trust the ransomers and only loses the ransom amount instead of their entire ship.

For a ransomer who attempts ransom once, it’s more beneficial to get the ransom and the loot after ship kill.
For a ransomer who regularly does ransoms and may get known for their practice by catching the same victims (or friends) multiple times, it’s more beneficial to honour the ransoms.

As a victim, if you pay the ransom you may save some ISK, which is a good choice when you get ransomed by someone who regularly honours their ransoms.
As a victim, if you encounter someone you don’t trust, is asking too much or someone who doesn’t honour the ransoms, don’t pay, as you’re likely going to lose your ship and any ISK you pay.

As a victim, there’s another reason not to pay: you’re encouraging more ransoms to happen. On the other hand, a ransom is more beneficial to either party than a gank.

I think there’s a nice aspect of gambling with trust in these ransoms. :smiley:


Yeah, that’s absolutely right. The vast majority of the time, people who get the ransom do honor it. Failing to honor them is a short-sighted business model.


Yep, that’s right. For the same reason, ransomware people in the real world always send the key if you pay the ransom. Many of them even have tech support services to ensure that you are actually able to restore the encrypted systems. Some even have 24/7 call centers for it lol. They do that because they know that their income stream will only keep coming if everybody knows they will get their data back if they pay.

I don’t know if that is a reason not to pay. PvP being profitable is why there is PvP. And PvP is what makes all aspects of the game, including carebearing, fun.

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Yep. And it isn’t just other ransomers they’re screwing- it is everybody. If people lose faith in ransomers, then ransoming gets less profitable, and much of the PvP that makes the game fun dries up.

That’s a great idea. Probably ransomers would benefit from that the most. They could link to the registry page for their corp where they have a 100% score, with their demand, and ask you to submit a report after they honor it. Probably increase the profitability of ransoming significantly. Corps could recruit based on being able to provide a high trust score. Sounds like a fun side project for somebody who has time!

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‘Let me go free or I’ll post a negative review on your ransom registry!’