Ransom instead of Ganlking? eve supported rating

I know this has been discussed before, but has it actually been fleshed out? A rasom possibility for those gankers that are only doing it for ISK?
Really its a brilliant idea for all, including the Ganked play. If you had a ransom reputation that was high it would show that if the ransom was pain the ganked player was set free with his ship and cargo. or an external payee (paypal style operation) was given the money and it was transfered after person was set free? there are many options but the best part is everyone wins and eve becomes more popular for a supportive playstyle that still allows gankers and profits from the organised crime side of the ransom ideas.
just a thought CCP?

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registered pirateeering, ie if you just gank a ship u get 10-20mill isk, but if you ransom via a blackmarket eve sponsored paypal then you get 100 mill isk and ganked player gets to keep their ship and contents or negotiated items? i am truly amazed that this has not already been brought up by eve?

Most ganks aren’t for isk but for salt or zkill. Ransoming is a thing and it’s way of making isk and having fun for some pirates. Probably most common around LS. Stealing the ships is also a thing.

You know, emergent gameplay and that kind of stuff

What is it you’re asking for?

Ransoms are already possible ingame with all the tools we have:

  • Ability to hold ships down (instead of blowing them up immediately). Check
  • Ability to communicate with other players. Check
  • Ability to transfer ISK to other players. Check
  • Ability to build a reputation with your name as a pirate that honours ransoms. Check
  • Ability to let ships go after they’ve paid their ransom. Check
  • Ability to take both the ransom and the enemy ship and be a dishonourable pirate. Check

We’ve got all the tools that we need for ransom gameplay in this sandbox. The only thing we need to see more ransoms is for more people to do (and honour) them, but that’s up to the players.

If you’re intersted in this kind of gameplay, why not start a reputation as honourable pirate yourself?


The ability to have an external payment authority, ie some type of guarantee from a black market team, ie sanchas that says the ransom paid will be honored, this way people will start to actually pay the ransom instead of just self destructing. this saves the ship but pays the gankers and promotes a system that eve can benefit from.

So instead of allowing players to build a reputation as honourable pirate in order to get players to trust them, you want to skip the player interaction of ransoms and replace it with mechanically enforced ransoms?


As a miner i am usually the one to get ganked, (check my profile), i would not pay a ransom unless it is backed by a certified corporation, whether it is black-market or not. i know that any ransom is still able to be broken or voided by unscrupulous operators , but if i was given the option to pay a certified ransom and be allowed to go on my way with no further payment , then it would be paid and i would move on,.

As it currently stands i refuse to pay a ransom on the merits of a group of pirates with only their word as a guarantee.

So it would be a benefit for both the gankers and the gankees to has a third party insurance corporation to verify that if payment is made then the ransomed party would be allowed to continue without fear of reprisal from the gankers.

Both parties would win from this, a gankee would keep their items and ship, and the Gankers would benefit from and extra ISK sum ( ie 22mill for a ballteship drops and salvage vs 100mill isk for a ransom)

I am sure everyone would be happy with this? i cannot see how people would argue with extra isk for a simple click of the keyboard?
To deny a system that would help and benefit all and still allow the AFK/Autopilot kills is simply ignorant.

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If you think that feature like this, would save your RNI that got caught in first gatecamp in LS you met. I think you will be disappointed. Not mention it’s far from mining ship. And it’s no longer ganking.

And I’m quite confided that they didn’t even asked for “passage fee”.

Since it all makes sense now. I really strongly suggest you learn more about the game and it’s mechanics before you start throwing ■■■■ ton of isk at stuff and then having bitter after taste 5 minutes later. Becouse you made at lest few, very rookie mistakes on that one.

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Yes the one you looked at was my navy raven, no i did not even fire a missile as i was 8 to 1,
no it was not a mining ship (i was heading to do the AIR missions) , it was the best ship for that purpose.

I still do not understand why you would argue against a system that would actually benefit the gankers?

You would get more money per gank, the ganked people would have a more secure payment method.

I never fly without being able to lose my ship, really 600mill isk is easy to make as a miner.

I am just wondering why there is not a system in place after 12years of playing that would give people a guarantee ?

This already exists in all space apart from high sec. If people wanted to do it, they would.

In high sec it requires a significant mechanics change and would no doubt be abused/exploited.

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Nop there are to many dumbass gankers that rarher then having mafia empire just shoot people anyway and thx to those players ransom work onli once or not at all since most people kill you anyway.

Ransoming for structures dont work in main empire space just on islads cause big pirate aliaces basicly monopol wardecks. In islands or low sec its common practice

You could start that corporation. You can setup a simple website that says “these pilots are trustworthy”. You can tell those trusted pirates to put a link in their bio. You can tell miners about the link ahead of time. You can take people off the list when they lie. You can deal with the headache when there’s a ransom dispute and when determining whether someone lied.

The tools exist today. The only reason to include it as a game mechanic is to eliminate the “trust” aspect entirely and eliminate cool, creative player interaction (like above) and just replace it with mechanized “beep boop here are more game constraints”.

Ransoms stories are way cooler when you don’t know whether you should pay and it’s all gut feel and trust in an unbalanced power dynamic, versus Click a few buttons. Imagine telling a non-eve-player about a story where the latter happens instead of the former, which honestly blows. And it won’t convince the cool ones to join up to play. Just the whiny ones.

Congratulations, you invented America’s credit score, but for Eve ransoms.


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