New damage type

I would like for lasers to do chaos damage. Chaos damage ignores resistances. This would make lasers more viable in high end missions. A new name other than chaos damage that was more in line with EVE may be preferable and the damage of lasers may need to be lowered since it ignores resistances now. But it should be possible to make them competitive with missile and drone boats near the end game this way?

So basically 1 laser? No. There needs to be diversity among all groups of weapons. No missile ignores all resists so why should a laser

Are you serious right now? You say there needs to be more diversity but then say lasers should not be allowed to ignore resistances because everything else cant. But are you aware that players that use missiles can pick missiles with different damage types? Lasers cannot. And no, the solution is not to make lasers able to pick damage types as well. That would be boring. But thanks for ruining a great idea. good job

You want lasers to do damage that ignores all resistance. I asked why?

Missiles dont ignore all resistance

You did not ask why. You claimed there needed to be more diversity and then that lasers should be more like missiles. You are clearly insane. Btw. if this ends up getting implemented please keep it a secret until the very last minute. Give the ppl who still read patch notes someting to drool over.

-New damage type

I expect reactions like this
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But maybe in another universe

Just would like to add that when EVE online was designed the concept of Chaos damage did not really exist. But games like PoE have made it mainstream and its probably time for EVE to adopt the concept as well but in its own sci-fi way?

You haven’t explained why Lasers are less competitive in the “endgame” in your opinion and proven that with hard facts.

I fly all 4 marauders on alts in L4 missions in Highsec and the Paladin (yes, with Lasers), is the fastest by quite some margin. Damage projection is simply king. I also fly the Paladin in WHs and I’d say I am pretty well on-par with all the Vargurs and Golems the other guys use.

The skill bonuses for the paladin seems to work around the limitation of lasers + bastion module seems to buff turrets more than missiles which also evens the playing field. So if the paladin is considered good in PVE despite using lasers that seems to be an exception to the rule. Would you use for example an Apocalypse over a Raven?

First of all, this is some kind of argument. If lasers would ignore resistances then then would be boring. It would became a king of guns for all PvP including ganking lol.

Secondly, it wasn’t a good idea to begin with. Not at all.

And lastly. CCP doesn’t read the forums, doesn’t care about your or anyone elses suggestions and this corner of the forum is totally ignored even by majority of the forum posters. There has been some good suggestions in past that nobody even criticized/dislike and it still didn’t get into game. CCP has no need to improve the game or to listen some scrubs, all they care about is money they can milk from you and until players stops paying them this never changes.

Tl’dr: this section and forum itself is just a place where you can steam off your frustration or where you can write your great ideas it if helps your mind and you have a need for doing so (I know I am the same), but nothing will ever come out of it. Even the only two things they ever reverted iirc - blackout and the red dot, was mainly from an ingame feedback or other communication channels such as reddit, not forums.

Would it not be easier for them to implement crystals that allows for other damage type?

Why lasers and not blaster/rails as well? I am sure shells can be made that will do any damage type. I mean the concept of explosive shells exist today. And exist for minmatar weapons.

Implementing a new damage type seems a bit much. It would mean they would need to add a massive negative on your ship… like if you fit these weapons you have no resist as well.

Absolutely not. It would become nice for new people. The progression is easy, more damage modifiers, bigger turrets, is all you need to tink about. It would be the most convenient weapon to use, also because lasers dont use ammo. Downside? Overall DAMAGE REDUCTION but doesent perform worse vs some enemies over others and still able to finish the mission in a timely manner, but thats it. At the end of the day it will cater to some people, while others will prefer min/maxing with missiles and projectile turrets for example. I mean if its balanced correctly. Thats the hard part. But i like that the weapon systems become more unique compared to each other.

But i have to be honest, the more i think about it maybe Hybrid turrets is what may need this change since its kinda in the name. “Hybrid” damage. ■■■■

That would be far more acceptable suggestion. But that would be boring!

If you are asking me, then I can’t say why this should or shouldn’t be possible.

Oh right! I forgot to think about new players! :smiley:

Hard nah from me

Thats simply nonsense.

Retributions are used for T6-Abyssal-Trios, very few other frigs can do that.
Zealots can run T6 Abyssals solo, kinda the hardest PvE content you can get. Phantasms can at least to T5, I have not tried them in T6 so far. Both laserboats.
NavyApocs and Nightmares (both lasers) were used in Incursionfleet for quite some time (I think Paladins became the Meta later).

All laser boats.

You talked about “endgame PvE”, I wouldn’t use any T1 Battleship for that. Also the comparison is not even, the Apoc is a pure sniper BS without any damage modifier. In most missions (L4) an Abaddon for example will beat a T1 Raven for sure.

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