Marauders and Polarized Weapons


Hello everyone! Its been years since the introduction of Marauders into the game, and seems to me they have been somehow forgotten in time balance wise. For that reason I would like to see them get a bit of love.

It came to my mind this crazy idea:

Allow Marauders the use of Polarized Weapons without the resistances penalty effect.

This will increase the DPS on them bringing them to balance with the BS class and will also bring a new application for Polarized Weapons.

I have my Tin Hat on! Fly safe…


I doubt it. It’s a blatant ‘i want more isk/hour’ request at a time where we’re trying to cut back.

I see this a lot about marauders, and I don’t understand where this is coming from. They are bonused for effectively 10 turrets, definitely better than the average in BS class.

Now if you want to go in the direction of that marauders are supposed to bridge the gap between BS and capitals, as the devs stated they wanted to do after the last marauder balance pass, then maybe you might have an argument.

But I don’t think polarized weapons would be the way to go…


Only if they apply 50% more damage but to capital class ships only. :stuck_out_tongue:


Vindicator does more DPS than a Kronos just to give you an example. I strongly believe that the Marauder should be the Top damage dealer on the BS class.


And tanks a helluva lot more with bastion modules on. That’s the thing. Vindi is a glass cannon which needs logi. Marauders are well rounders with a good balance of damage and tank. You cant just compare dps of ships and say that one is lower than the other without considering what else they bring to the table.

In order to be fair, if marauders become the top damage dealers, they would need to be balanced away from tank. And then we will see a dozen threads saying how stupid the change is and how there is already a glass cannon, the vindicator, and that they dont need a second ship with high dps but low tank capabilities. And they would be completely right.

This is ok, as long as we give Marauders suspect.

Their incredibly high price tag already balances them somewhat. Even with higher dps, they still aren’t going to be widespread.


As was already implied by earlier posts, the devs are not going to buff marauder dps by comparing it within its own BS class. Just like in cruiser class, the Vigilant has superior firepower compared to Deimos, but the latter outclasses in tank. So for BS class, even the mightiest Vindicator won’t even scratch a moderately tanked Kronos, but that Kronos would absolutely wreck the Vindicator. Marauders are more than balanced for its class.

But again, if arguments are made that Marauders should somehow be buffed to become more anti-capitals in a balanced way, it might not be unreasonable.

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Remember we still not have Tech 2 Bastion module, with it CCP can do something to this ship class


No, go away.

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Have that mod be able to target caps only?

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It might be better to improve their resist profiles, maybe with a slight nerf to repair boost of bastion

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