New Diplo Tool - KillChecker


(DrButterfly PHD) #1

Let’s say you’re thinking about setting some folk blue, perhaps joining a coalition and you think to yourself “Hey, if I set these guys blue, I won’t be able to shoot them any more. But how often do I shoot them and they shoot me anyway?”

Or maybe you’re recruiting some alliance to your coalition and you want to know if they’ve been scraping with your mates lately.

Well, now there’s an app for that:

Just enter the alliance name you want to check and then a list of would-be- blues with a new line for each and hit submit. The blues can be alliances, corps and players, but you can only check them against alliances for now.

The app looks through your alliance’s last 1000 kills and last 1000 loses on zkillboard and presents them in a table per would-be-blue. It also generates a re-usable url that you can share with your alliance buddies.


(Azazel Drakonis) #2

Are there some limitations to this tool? I tried a few alliances out of sheer curiosity that I know were on our KB recently and it would tell me there were 0 kills.

(DrButterfly PHD) #3

How recently? It only checks the first 1000.

What were the details?

(Azazel Drakonis) #4

They were at least on the first page. Here’s an example. A group we shoot at often so they should be on there.

(system) #5

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