New Dread Pirates Pack

If “275,000 Skill Points will allow you to fly any of the Guristas ships” means undocking in a Rattlesnake and instantly dying to the first ship with bad intentions you run into (player or NPC), then sure, you can “fly” it.

So… Buying a $50 dollar pack and then another $20 so you can put the SP where it needs to be only to have your ship yoinked out from under you the first time you run a mission or run into a bored gank group is cool with CCP?

Well done as always sales department. Guaranteeing new players will last less than a week in game.

Then this:

Would it kill you to be a tiny bit honest in your ad copy so people actually know what they are getting into and maybe stick around when they lose the ship?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Ever since acquiring White Wolf, CCP seems to think that writing any amount of fiction is just as good as the real thing.

Apparently they seek to create “more real” virtual worlds because they’ve lost touch with this one.

CCP, pro tip for you: establishing a rep for being dishonest in your marketing, misleading in your cash store descriptions, and misrepresenting in your game video ads, really doesn’t help attract or retain players over the long term.

It’s better to market what EVE really has than pretend it’s something it isn’t, and lose player confidence every time.


I endorse the Pirates Pack.

Purchase your Pirates Pack today!

I totally agree 100% with the overall premise of your OP.

However I just wanna point out a few things…

I’m thinking that probably just covers the minimum amount of SP’s needed to pilot the Rattlesnake.

Overall the game pack is actually a good deal… especially for an experienced player with Omega character. 1000 PLEX pack costs about $45 so that extra $5 for the pack actually buys everything else… and that’s quite a bit for that extra $5…

Course it’s not so good for a new player but it’s still doable…

Now about the extra $20 to get Omega to put the SP’s in the appropriate skills, the 1000 PLEX can be split in half to get 1 month Omega sub from the NES, player doesn’t actually need to spend an extra $20.

Player can then do a quick sell with the other 500 PLEX in Market which will net around 2 bil ISK. Rattlesnake cost about 1 bil ISK so the other 1 bill ISK can be used to get modules and skillbooks. I’m not gonna spend time to do all the math but I highly doubt that last 1 bill ISK will cover all that.

But the player still has the ship skins and apparel items to sell for ISK so there’s a good possibility it will help cover the cost of skillbooks and modules.

Sooo, after spending $50 and doing all that (probably take a couple of days), the new player now has 1 month Omega sub at advanced training speed (Cerebral Accelerator time duration?) and is now hopefully sitting in an average fit Rattlesnake ship (minimum skilled) with a Guristas skin applied and wearing the Guristas Pirate apparel.

Due to having very little ISK leftover after buying ship, modules and skillbooks, player decides to go do some ‘Yarrr Matey’ Pirate action…

  1. …High Sec = player is Concorded, Ganked or loses Duel…

  2. …Low Sec = player is Gatecamped…

  3. …Null Sec = see #2

Yeah, I agree…



The only pirate pack I will acknowledge



Next run of the Schoolbus I’ll be looking for a Happy Meal delivery then.


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