New Eden Network [VPN SERVICE]


New Eden Network will be launching soon! We will be providing a VPN service in exchange for ISK.

General Information:

New Eden Network maintains a fleet of cloud-based servers across several continents and geographical regions. Using the popular open-source VPN server OpenVPN, an account with New Eden Network will allow you to encrypt your traffic and “tunnel” to different regions to enjoy EVE online or other content and protect your privacy.


  • Ohio (Eastern America)
  • California (Western America)
  • Singapore (Southeast Asia)
  • London ( U.K )
  • Frankfurt (Europe)
  • Sao Paulo (South America) [500mil one-time setup fee]

Account Types:

Standard Account

  • Can only be used to play EVE online (no web browsing)
  • One region only (determined at account open)
  • Unlimited Connection Time
  • One connection at a time
  • Lower prioritized traffic during congestion

100mil ISK/Month

Premium Account

  • Can be used for EVE Online, Standard Mumble, and Standard TS3 connections
  • Two regions only (determined at account open)
  • Unlimited Connection Time
  • One connection at a time
  • High Prioritization during congestion

250mil ISK/Month



Q: Why can I only use my connection to play EVE online?
A: Web browsing can be data-intensive. To avoid unwanted data transfer charges and to preserve the quality of our network, plans are restricted for EVE and Voice use only. This also serves as a way to protect the consumer’s privacy, as non-EVE traffic cannot be transmitted across our servers.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: When the service is launched, a website will be announced that will enable you to open an account and get in touch with us

Q: How will I connect?
A: When you open an account, you will receive an OpenVPN file that enables you to connect to our network without the hassle of a username or password. You can download the OpenVPN connection client from OpenVPN’s website.

Q: How is my data managed?
A: It isn’t. Your data is encrypted and we do not retain data or logs. We keep no connection or DNS logs, or any other logs.

Q: What is a VPN?

To address the completely off-topic comments, this VPN can ONLY be used to play EVE, as required by the forum rules. Traffic not being sent directly to EVE servers will be entirely dropped from the network. Even if we captured this data, it would be entirely useless to us.

Scam? i can already warn police to be ready if my data will be leaked? No EULA, ToS etc. What company contact when things go bad?

You will set up your personal servers or just buying form some company and use them to make ISK?

To much unknown to give random person without name, adres, nationality my personal data.

To be clear, you are not storing any data with us, and we won’t be recording any activity. Please, inform yourself on what a VPN is and how it works before you make these sort of statements.

Word of nick form a game means nothing to me. Until I see real name, company name or your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service saying that you wont log anything means nothing. And I know how VPN work and that OpenVPN give tools to store connections informations.

Sorry for very bad attitude but you either don’t share all informations about service you are opening or you simply forget about many things that can make problems to you.

Simplest example i have now in mind: What you will do if someone with unlimited plan starts to do bad things connected by your servers?

Even if you can’t you see actual data (because they are encrypted) they are moved by your servers or servers that you are renting and you are responsible for them. This my vary by local law but I bet you didn’t check that.

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