New Eden Trade and Market Investment Exchange [Invest and buy shares!] [1.311 Trillion Invested/Shares Sold] [100+bil profits month]

Investment still going strong! New market hub was opened in teon in milden heath the other week!

1b isk sent. Good trading

Still going strong! 4 New markets by the end of this week!!

Sent 1 B isk.

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plus 100b

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New share sales are on hold for the moment. Have enough sold and letting thing settle for right now. Will be announcing share sales on my discord announcements when more are ready to sell. Will be growing profits over the next few months on existing hubs to max the profits. Thanks all that invested now lets make a pot of gold much larger!

Still holding off on new investments. 600+ billion paid out however still going strong :slight_smile:

95.6 Bil Profits Made this month. Market slow down around the 15th of the month! Lame! Investors paid out!

784 Billion ISK Paid back on 1.33 Trillion ISK from investors!

Invested 10b.

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jumps bumping to keep it active. not taking investments right now