New Eden Trade and Market Investment Exchange [Invest and buy shares!] [1.311 Trillion Invested/Shares Sold] [100+bil profits month]

Record day 948mil in profits!! On a tuesday of all days! Null sec market coming soon as well that will drive the profits up substantially!

Invested another 18bil which brings me to a total of 20bil. Looking forward to seeing my first payout on August 31st.

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I am curious how long it has taken on average for investors to receive 100% return on the shares they’ve invested.

Currently going off the first round of payouts 10months. Each share was paid out at 87,438,583.28 million @ 205 Shares paid out on.

Opening up 2 null sec markets this week with the remainder of the invested isk the other 128 shares.

Should be on track to get that up to 6month pay out time after that.

205 Shares paid out at 87,438,583.28 million isk for the month of August! The other 128 Shares will be paid out end of next month since they where late buy-ins at the middle of the month.

Full break down from my discord message:

Think I did a record yesterday with 3billion in profits (bit under 3b) in one day!!!

Regular market hubs are at 44.3 Billion in profits for the closing of this month! (non-investment exchange hubs)

Investment exchange market hubs are closing the month at 19.3 Billion. (3 market hubs compared to 8 in the above! Running better than the regular hubs!). Total profits of 22,406,136,967.27 billion.

Share payouts are 87,438,583.28million per share paid out on 205 shares. 333 Shares have been sold (the others being sold mid month so those shares will be paid out at the end of next month). Share payouts calculated from the 22,406,136,967.27billion (the other few billion are from the 2 weeks or so of the previous month).

Share payouts going out within the hour to everyone that invested up until the 10th of this month.

Total profits of all hubs have brought in 63.6 billion for the month.

Heading into next month look for an announcement for 2 new Null sec hubs for the investment exchange! I should have that sorted by the end of the week. The investment exchange hubs are growing very well from 300mil in profits per day now to 700-1bil a day in profits! Hopefully the trend continues and should be seeing more sales as we get into winter from all hubs.

Can confirm, was paid on time and as promised! If you’re thinking about investing, go Eden Trade! He’s super responsive on Discord

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I received my first payout:

2020.09.01 00:10 Corporation Account Withdrawal 174,877,166 ISK xxx ISK [r] Eden Trade Senior transferred cash from New Eden Trade and Market Public Exchange’s corporate account to Rihan Shazih’s account

100 more shares sold. WooWee I got my work cut out of me now many new markets to make!

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Up to 544 billion isk in Shares sold!

Investment is now at 2+ billion isk in profits per day! Estimated 70-80billion isk per month! Invest today! :slight_smile: now with 11 trade hubs covering the investment exchange to keep it funded. 1-2 more market hubs coming up here soon!

Received another 2.5b payment.

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Closed the month of September out with 69,507,071,205.00 billion in profits!

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I am intrested in investing around 1b to start off what are the rates for montly payouts i just didnt quite get it


Sorry for late reply prob already talk to you on discord maybe? anyways so far last month was 125mil per share! Currently looking at a smaller share payout this month due to shares sold vs. isk invested (100bil out in liquid still) Quick calc for the month it should be at around 86-95mil per share. Creating a new market this weekend as an 13th market (ooo 13th market in October for Halloween I like it) and just started the new null sec market so should increase back up to over 100mil per share next month!

Should be closing the month close to 90 billion in profits!

Share payouts are estimated at 87-97mil payout for this month.

Markets are picking up and have been doing adjusting with stock levels (more stock) to keep up with sales to get the 700 out of stocks+ per week down. Next month I expect it to be at or over 100bil in profits!

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On track to hit close to 100bil in profits this month! New market coming soon to Teonusude (end of next weekend)!

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Share payouts are sitting at 90-100mil per month. Still taking on investments!

This is not a market discussion it is a service & thus should be listed there.

Investment share payouts are all paid out! $87,048,758.70mil per share. I added a bit extra ISK about 5billion as a bonus to the pot due to share payouts being lower than what I wanted them to be at. Profits were right at 90billion for the month.

Thanksgiving week was slow. All month it was close to 25bil per week in profits till the holiday week :frowning: which it was a low of around 18billion for that week.

Total pool of ISK was $96,080,067,417 bil

Total ISK Paid out was $76,864,053,933.60 bil

My take 19,216,013,483.40 bil

We shall see how this month goes!