New Eden Trade and Market Investment Exchange [Invest and buy shares!] [1.311 Trillion Invested/Shares Sold] [100+bil profits month]

This is a cool scam. Keep up the good work!


I will also be paying out at the end of July to all investors so they do not have to wait until the end of next month for first payment. 166mil per share out of my personal isk wallet. This is due to slow growing of investors. 166mil * 6 months = 1 billion minus some change. Once the first few hubs then do get created it will go on the profits of those hubs. Until then payments start at the end of this month!

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just had another invest 40 billion in 40 shares. Transaction not complete yet however will be in the invest wallet by the end of the week!

Updated 165 billion invested! 40 billion more pledged to be transferred in a few days.

I invested 120b. good guy to talk to and judging by his discord rather stand up guy and seems 100% honest. will update in a few months on progress.

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I can beat his offer by DOUBLE. Send ISK to me and I’ll beat his monthly payouts by double. If a good month, maybe more!! Please send at least 5 billion.

First market hub items are up for transit. Once delivered it will then be setup! Will be getting the stock together for the other 2 hubs later on tonight to be shipped out.

Shares are still able to be purchased. Looking to make many more new trade hubs! Message me on discord or in-game with questions if you have them.

First 600 orders are up for the 1st new hub. 600 more will be posted tomorrow to finish off the items for the first hub. Hub is located in Alentene.

The next two hubs will be up by Saturday and announced by then the location!

Still selling shares so invest in and help build New Eden and make some ISK!

Message Eden Trade on discord or in-game with questions.

Shares are still at 1 billion ISK per share.

165 shares sold or 165 billion isk! Thanks everyone that invested so far!

First hub sales are in. Bit under 200mil for less than a full 24hours of sales for all items being up for sale. Evaluation if you invested 1billion you should be looking at a return of 85 low number to 105+ mil per share payout. Also note using a number from first market setup other markets can be higher or lower and its not the weekend which sales tend to have double the profit or more. Share price payouts are expexted to be much higher.

But anyways everything is under way the other 2 markets will be up by saturday!

Invest with New Eden! :slight_smile:

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Azer Market hub is now up 1,200 orders! Thats 2 new market hubs up created with the investment isk. 3rd one coming by the end of the weekend hopefully. Just anchored the Citadel for it and waiting on that to be online.

Buy some shares and invest! Contact me Eden Trade with questions or to invest!

all 3 new market hubs are opened and selling! Buy some shares and invest with me! I will have a share evaluation by the end of the week (sunday) to let everyone know the possible payout per share each month.

Seems like a great opportunity. I’m a newer player so my ISK bal is kinda low, otherwise I’d invest in a heartbeat, but you seem like an upstanding guy. Hope that it works out for ya and riches pour down your way. Cheers bro.

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Keep playing you will get there one day! :slight_smile:

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New Eden Trade and Market Investment Exchange - Total 4billion profits for one week and some days. Estimated 16-25billion profits for next month. Adding ships to the 3 new hubs. 100 ships per hub from shuttles hulls up to battlecruiser hulls.

Estimated share payout 90mil per share (low end of 20bil profits) going off of one week of numbers. Not including the ships being added to the markets this week.

Still selling shares. Buy some today and invest in new eden!

recived full refund of my first invest

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Still selling shares! Markets are doing well and performing close to the levels i want them to be at! Looking at around 100mil or more per share payout.

Received all isk back as well! Good experience with Eden trade :slight_smile:

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305 billion in shares sold!

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invest another 100b today

2020.08.16 16:54 Corporation Account Withdrawal - ISK aer2 transferred cash from fidelis ad mortem’s corporate account to Eden Trade’s account

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