New Event - Skill Injectors / Ship Puzzles

So far we have had the Accelerator events where we can manufacture our own Accelerators.

I think another event that should run one time a year is the Alpha/Omega Injector event.

The Injector events would be considerable harder than any other event given the number of Skill Points that can be injected very quickly.

The skill injector event would see the player also being able to manufacture their own skill injectors. The skill injectors manufactured by the player, however, would have an expiration date on their use, a week after the event ends.

Getting Alpha Clones to their peak skill capacity as fast as possible is the reasoning behind the Skill Injector events. Instead of spending $14.95 a month for an Alpha Clone, the player can run the events as an Alpha Clone, save their money and then purchase an Omega account once they top out their Alpha skills. For the Alpha Clone it can be one of three choices each week, spend money on buying Plex to purchase injectors with, Purchase Injectors from the Market for ISK that is converted from Plex, or spend ISK they have made elsewhere in the game to earn the Skill Injectors.

The second event is called the Ship Puzzle Event.

In this event you select one of the four play able races. When running each event you are rewarded with ship puzzle pieces or components of ships that are bundled up in a container of the wreck of NPC ships, the Pirate NPC’s got caught in their illegal ship building transportation.

Based on the race that you have chosen could give you a bonus of up to ten additional ship components per container. The ship component containers are then opened up and the components revealed.

High Sec would yield larger amounts of frigate to battleship component bundles and some Force Aux ship components. On a rare occasion a High Sec event could drop the entire component bundle for a Faction ship and a possibilty that a drop could include a complete build bundle for any of the Special Edition Ships that are either no longer around or are so expensive its not worth buying them. Low and Null would yield modest Capitol and Super Capitol along with some Titan bundles and like High Sec, Low and Null sites could drop a bundle for a complete build of a rare faction ship and even a unique faction ship such as the Utu, Freki, Marshal, Virtuoso, Guardian-Vexor,Mimir, Whiptail, Etana or Victor.

Another idea for the Ship Component Bundle would be that instead of complete component part bundles for ships you might receive a Purchase Order for an entire ship that would require 20 million ISK to activate regardless of the ship that the chit was issued for.

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since the OP didn’t provide a TL;DR, here’s one for you:
op wants free injectors and at ships but doesn’t want to pay money

Edit: didn’t see who was posting, of course it’s dryson


Obviously and as usual all of you are wrong.

This event would be held one time a year and give pilots the chance to gather component bundles of ships that cannot be purchased. The chance to to gather all of the resource bundles for a unique ship is one in every 50 event sites ran with a 50% chance to still not receive all of the resource bundles.

The resource bundles would then be sold in contracts for players to buy and assemble the unique ships from.

I seriously doubt if you can hear the large and heavy sandstone being pushed around on the the opulent marble floor far below the time piece set high above in the tower.

If you have never been a DM or GM (Game Master) then I don’t expect you to really and or fully understand what is in motion.

What’s the point of having/winning a AT /limited edition ship , if every highsec puppie can get it in a „yearly“ event?

it’s dryson. Don’t try to have a discussion with him, he won’t try to understand you but instead to enforce his logic-less ideas.

Player Features & Ideas <= that way

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