New Forum Moderation Policy

I have read the New Forum Moderation Policy and I don’t see a difference.

What am I missing?

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Less Restrictive, you say?

For many years, how we monitor and moderate and police the forums has remained the same. We now feel that the time has come for change.

For the launch of these new forums, we’ve undertaken a complete review of the forums rules and how we utilize and enforce our moderation policy, with a view to relaxing things and promoting more open and liberal discussion. To that end, the forum rules have been significantly simplified and condensed down from a total of 36 rules, to 9.

You can see the new forum rules here.


So, no one knows? :scales:

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The only difference is CCP figured out how to condense the original forum rules.

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They should have compacted it even more until only the trolling rule is left. That would be honest and very ironic at the same time.

Lol for real. They are straight up being dishonest saying there are less rules here or that they have been “relaxed”.


Just because you take 15-20 rules and make them “6”, yet each of the new “6” is freaking paragraphs long, that isnt “relaxed” or “less restrictive”.

Straight up FAKE NEWS! The "reduced rules " are individually longer than any single rule from before!


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