New frig-size ship with tractor beam bonuses

When frig size (or destroyer size) fleet roaming often there’s a situation of loot hunting. So it would be usefull for such a fleets to have frigate size analogue of noctis.

It will be having average numbers of CPU and PG. It’s armor and shield will be decent (cause valuable loot storage it is).
The bonuses:
boost of tractor beam speed and range,
reduction of tractor beam CPU and PG requirements,
boost of drone damage.
No salvager bonuses. No turret or launcher mount points. Drone bay - 50 cub.m. Drone bandwidth - 25 Mbit/s.

Of course it will be another vessel by Outer Ring Excavation alliance.

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Just use a salvager dessie

Let this ship type and the Noctis tractor yellow wrecks (with suspect flag) and you got my +1.


Give your ship idea the Venture Hull without any weapon slots and you might have a ship that everyone would be able to train for very fast and use almost right away.

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