New graphical effect of digging is terrible

I don’t know when this effect was added to the game (was missing for several months) but the current effect of digging ore looks very ugly. The sprites of stone pack themselves looks miserable and same time the amount of absorbed stones looks very unrealistic and out of ship proportion. This effect very looks like to a cheap effects from mobile “one-day made” games. It looks especially terrible when the extractors are visually switched form one to another and all pack of absorbing sprites teleporting from one mining ray to antoher. Please do something with that graphical nightmare or give it the option to turn it off. It heavily breaks the game immersion. Seriously.


And what about the flare effect where mining ray contact with the asteroid ? It seems that flash have reduced contrast and brightness. Completely inconsistent with the size of the observed effect. You need to either make it brighter and more contrast or just make it very small. Now the discrepancy is very striking which further and creates the impression that this is a low-quality and cheap effect.

This was added some time ago. I am 99% certain in 2022.

We all have our own personal graphics tastes. That is all I have to say. Pretty much live with it as the CCP art team got a list a mile long on things to update.

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