New high sec NPCS killing players in strong ships at stations

What makes you think that this isnt already the case?
Numbers always give you a huge advantage in all areas of EVE, PvE and PvP.
2 cheap T1 BS can clear a site faster than 1 expensive pirate BS.
For the cost of 1 T2 cruiser you can fit like 5 T1 cruisers.

NPC fleets hunting down solo players … Why do we need that? EVE was always advertised as a sandbox, the game with the greatest freedom. Forcing players into certain gameplay styles does not fit into that image.


To remove players from high sec probably? There are no Gurista FOBs in null sec.

If those people would organize, they would rather end as nullbears.

From the forward operating bases, they are working as full fleets?

Not anything I’ve seen so far. How often have you seen it this way?

I havent seen a FOB yet, but CCP said they use the new AI. The response fleet that spawns after attacking a NPC miner also uses the new AI and they have tackle frigs which point and web, dps ships and logi ships.

Probably. The NPC mining fleets also look like they were desinged to discourge mining in other places than nullsec anomalies. (They dont mine in anomalies.)

I guess that is what you get when all CSM members are from nullsec cartels.

They would lose ISK if they do PvE in groups. The rewards for PvE in high sec are small, if you have to share them with others it only makes them smaller. You would earn way more by doing something solo, like mission running or jumping into the next WH and doing some exploration.

Highsec incursions are the only exception i can think of.

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Guys report this stuff, We must keep high sec safe!!!..from npcs anyways

Totally legit!

my cat will kill those npc’s



Awesome addition to the game.

Seriously, folks have been moaning for ages about how ridiculously safe high sec has become, and how npcs are too weak.

So that kill dropped two pithi shield mods worth 110 million isk.

Who got them, I wonder?

Maybe it’s worth going and experiencing first before drawing the conclusion and assuming you’re right.

He hates CCP and everything is a conspiracy, yet he still hangs around.

Yea, nothing insane about that at all…

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I have this theory (very loosely using the term) that he’s a Mittens alt, because Mittens only very rarely posts on the forum as himself, but I reckon he probably has alts he does post with.

So, Dinsdale for me is one of Mittens troll alts.



I don’t get the “this will kill solo play” stuff here. I totally see how it makes AFK play harder (have to watch for standings a bit) but solo shouldn’t be affected as long as the rats don’t point.

Guess we will wait and see.

EDIT: What a killer:

All those Ventures, don’t tell me they were not AFK.

I think I got extremely unlucky. Went afk a while, waiting for spawn, come back to find myself in a pod. It was a group of kestrel npcs, in white names. My standings are neutral. They were attacking anyone at that station.

Hi-sec is dangerous enough with CODE and other gankers killing players. I can accept what happened. But if stuff like this gets moved to the belts, I would begin to wonder if they are intentionally trying to drive subscriptions down.


Thanks for the clarification @Rayn_Strife

Well since CCP refuses to release any details about FOBs i have to make assumptions.

Im not going to waste my limited game time with testing PvE content that has abymsal rewards.

Who here have done Gurista FOB?

You don’t have to. I like those “find out yourself stuff”.

The null-sec cartel forced CCP to keep him around. He would leave if not for the cartels preventing him.



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