New ideas for my Eve designs

My Eve Ideas

Did you mean to include any sort of content with this?



Your the best! :grin:


Thank you, I also impressed Eve to do the new player stations, and Trig Invasions

Well, I am the ideal Chief Engineer Officer in my Eve corporate so it is possible but what are you guys good for if I can not get others to do the work, detail details, my work will never be appreciated, I have a million ideal for My Eve. Details are for technicians and beginning engineers.

Thank you, I also impressed Eve to do the new player stations, Mobile depot, Tractor units, and Trig Invasions.


Sorry I just lost a few Eve ships worth about 1.800 billion in the last few days due to detailed programming

Ohh god Nooooooooo! :sob::scream: Do not shave it or I will leave. :crying_cat_face:Da…m! she shaved again.

Since this thread isn’t going anywhere, I’ll leave this here:

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