New IHUB Upgrade -=Decloaker=-

A new Ihub upgrade that doesn’t allow cloaking in the ihub system.

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what wrong with this idea, maybe we can come up with something better.

The correct way to do this without getting your thread instantly closed is to do something like this:

“I have been away for a while. Did CCP ever implement the ‘observatories’ that they talked about?”


oh that is interesting, even thought it is years old that would be a great question for them to answer if they are still thinking of such things to add.

Service module possibilities**:** Being able to increase, decrease or block Star Map filters in the solar systems they’re deployed, act as solar system wide D-scan blockers, disrupt ship intelligence in the solar system, take over player tracking capabilities from NPC agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users. We are considering basing their effectiveness through a network coverage (like cell phones) so that a single one may not be that useful, but maintaining a bunch of them in space could give a significant advantage.”

Please take it to the AFK cloaky thread. We have it because this idea pops up literally every day on the forums. Thank you.