New Incrusion Hauler idea

A ship, halfway between a Bowhead & an Orca, that can fit a Battleship & a couple of cruisers in it.

With a Cargo Hold you can actually put containers in ( like the Orca ).


Ideal for someone who follows the fleets around, flies DPS &/or Logi, and… Might go do some sites inbetween.


2 options. With & without Ore hold. More Ship Hanger if less Ore-hold.

Fly forth my minions. Create it & we will buy it :slight_smile:

if it doesn’t fit in the orca take two trips or use the bowhead, no additional ship is needed

The bowhead was built with incursions in mind.

Don’t just haul your own. Haul your mates stuff too.

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teamwork and co-operation? what do you think this is an MMO?

Exactly. And this guy teaches other players how to incursion. Bowhead sounds perfect for him.

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