New Industrialist Opportunities?

Can a new industrialist make it in the game now or is everything too saturated? I have an industry alt I’ve used years ago for mining and research and I’ve been thinking of dusting him off.

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Now is a great time to get back into industry with the resource distribution changes CCP are making. It’s going to take a little time for the effect to show, but things are going to change.

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Note: I’m not an industrialist, so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. However, with that said, there are a lot of changes occurring that means someone new might be able to get a good start if they position themselves properly.

There is the already mentioned resource distribution changes that are incoming.

There is also some unknown event happening to the systems that were successfully invaded by the Triglavians. I’m not sure how to take advantage of an unknown event… but I’m not an industrialist… so not my wheel house.

And then the fall of Niarja that basically cut Jita and Amarr from one another. This has basically left galactic south with no easy access to the biggest trading hub in Eve. Some people think Amarr might get bigger… some think a new hub will appear in the south.

You guess right and you can get a jump on others which will help you established.

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Do you think the opportunities are in research? Manufacturing?

You’ll want to get into manufacturing. You can make money by researching and/or copying BPO’s, but that’s a relatively low effort activity. So, profit margins on that are relatively low. Of course, BPC’s of more expensive and longer to research BPO’s can do better, but they also require a large isk investment and a lot of time.

I believe that new industrialists can establish themselves at any time. Remember, just because Eve is 18 years old, that doesn’t mean that everyone has been playing for that long. Older players are always taking breaks or quitting, and younger players are always moving up to fill the shoes they leave empty -or in this case, to fill the markets that they leave behind.

You might consider starting out by selling out of a local trade hub (think Clellinon or Oursalaert instead of Jita). Volumes tend to be lower, but margins per unit tend to be higher. It means that a novice industrialist with fewer industry slots and less researched BPO’s will be able to make more money. You’ll also likely have to haul your crap a shorter distance to get it to market, and not have to travel through some of the more dangerous systems as frequently. Of course, you’ll still likely have to make at least some trips to major market hubs in order to get certain production materials in sufficient quantities at reasonable prices.

Also, I had fun doing industry. But there were some downsides. I spent most of my time docked up updating a spreadsheet and managing industry, research, and trade slots. And most of time in space was spent hauling. It was socially isolating activity (for me, at least). And, it kind of felt like a job with responsibilities. Like, I felt obligated to frequently check in to haul stuff and manage my slots, because letting anything idle would cause hold ups in the pipeline (i.e. market slots were dependent on hauling, hauling was dependent on industry, and industry slots were dependent on hauling and/or research slots.) Of course, many people take a more casual approach to industry, and treat it more like a semi-passive income. You might want to do it that way yourself. I personally can’t do that though because I’m too obsessive with things like that.

Anyway, I suggest that you don’t do industry (or any career) simply because you heard there was money in it. There’s good money in most careers. Pick the one(s) that interest you the most.

Certain mineral prices will be going up. PI also. PI is easy to do and is passive income. Station trading is also easy to do and with the upcoming changes buying low selling high will be good.

I started getting into industry late last year and it took some time and many mistakes (wouldnt be EVE otherwise) but it worked out.

Try to build a T2 production line and focus on this first. With T1 production it is very hard to turn a profit except for ships wich can be tedious to move. T2 is skill intensive so focusing on one first is way easier.

You might also look into PI, it wont help you with all your production lines but can make you first T2 production way more lucrative. Also. spreadsheets…

For once because you need to calculate your margin for the items you produce and figure out, which ones are your earners. and at some point you might want to produce intermidiate products for your production lines, which is were more planing is needed.

At the beginning is was min/maxing a lot, traveling between Hubs trying to find the best prices to buy and sell stuff, which can be very time consuming, but often gets your margin up, i also advice on using contracts to move around stuff. Not only because it saves you time, but also it grants you insurance for lost goods.

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If you can manage to do industry without owning or relying upon a structure, you might be successful. The market is currently a mess, so it is possible for some short-term gain for those that can find opportunities. Obtaining some materials has become greatly challenging, even though they were not directly affected, like salvage.

Structures with quantum cores are being actively hunted and destroyed (#2), and even more rapidly if they are offline with a quantum core (#1). The attacking fleets usually use Trig ships, which are near impossible for small defending fleets to deal with.

Structures without quantum cores are more likely to be ignored (#4), unless they go offline because the owner missed a refueling. Those structures are then rapidly destroyed (#3).

You don’t want to keep a lot of assets in one place.

I’m currently based out of NPC stations, and have reduced my activity by 75%.

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