New inventory sounds (bong) (bong) (bong)

I notice there are a lot of new audio controls. Does one turn off the new bong-bong-bong sound as items get loaded into inventory? Salvaging has turned into a fingernails on a chalk-board experience.


I think CCP is mad at us or taking out their day on us

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CCP You are literally making me sick. WTF is wrong with you People? Why do none of the sound sliders affect this garbage feature? Why on Earth would you do this!? Why is there also a goddamn pop up i can’t get rid of?


Not one “EvE has sound?” :cry:

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Try being a trader every time some one Sells you stuff bong you have recieved new item

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i have no problem with the sound … i tryed to sort stuff out and it always got rearanged … it was not that much and i hope its just a bug and doesnt stays like that …


Not only does Trump sound much nicer than CCPs stupid ping pop up, he also pings much less than EVE during salvaging a site.

Congratulations CCP - You’re legitimately worse than Trump

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