New(ish), returning player looking for null/wh pvp corp

bits about me:

  • approx. 16m SP
  • can fly: interceptors, AFs, bombers (w/ bombs), T3 destroyers, logi frigs, covops - not far from dictors
  • play late EU/early US TZ (20:00-23:00 eve time)
  • limited PVP experience, but willing to learn

Currently, i mostly do exploration in null and in WHs, so i have a general idea how to not die, but I like (the idea of) small gang pvp, roams, piracy, messing with the “big entities” and so on, so i’m looking for a corp willing to show me the ropes. I did similar stuff years back (that’s why i wrote “returning”), but that was pretty much 10+ years ago.

looking for:

  • small gang and a bit of solo pvp
  • corp outside of the big alliances/coalitions
  • null or wh, lowsec could work too i guess
  • freedom to do my own stuff from time to time

feel free to message me here, or ingame.


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go to goonswarm federation and join the corp called Ascendence

I think we might be exactly what you’re looking for. Small gang, lots of light stuff, deploying to NPC null.

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