New items needed

Please add these items to Eve for Christmas :smiley:

Caldari Navy Missile Guidance Computer
Caldari Navy Missile Guidance Enhancer
Officer Missile Computer/Enhancers
Bastion Module II
Pirate faction battlecruisers

we have tech 2 variants of every subcap class except for battlecruisers. I feel like that’s the next step, if they can find clearly defined roles for them that aren’t just substitutes for t2 battleships/cruisers.

You should really specify which year’s Christmas. Knowing CCP it’ll be Christmas 2040.


There are t2 battlecruisers. What???


My Nighthawk says hi


Free Items Needed

There fixed the title for you.

as two others have mentioned?


Do you not play EVE, or notice there are T2 BattleCruisers??

When T4?

oops …

They can add it, then Rattati will nerf it two weeks later after people buy them.

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It’s not EVE Online anymore, it’s Nerf Online.

And Rattati… it’s more like Ratatiné ( botched in French )

Jokes are always funnier when you explain the joke.

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For Christmas, just toss a few Geckos at us, and I’d be happy.

However for new items, we still need to plug the Minmatar/Caldari pirate ship hole.

Make Thukker Tribe player ships a thing!

–Gadget might just up getting coal in her stocking

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I will fix the title now and ope a new thread. Watch it

Covert Ops Cloaked Fighter Drones (Immune to all scans and Overview)

Thukker is a T2 manufacturer. all the ships with the brown/white camo are thukker ships

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