New launcher... new Linux error?

Basically what you appear to be saying is that I “should” be able to launch Eve on my Linux machine but it likely has to do with updates not focused on all players, just those who have macs or windows and we can ask for help but none is being offered until CCP figures out their Mac issues so grab a bowl of popcorn to enjoy the Forums and wait for a fix…I hope that summary fits what you’re trying to say.

I really would prefer not to unsub because I can’t get into game to even spin my ship regardless of my over 10y long subscription to Eve…not just with one account but multiple.

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Linux is simply not officially supported by CCP and there are reasons for this. So the fact that EVE is still running on Linux is more or less „luck“.

I recommend you to try installing EVE via Lutris, it was working for me last week very nicely and with ease:

It’s not luck but the incredible efforts of a few enthusiasts who so far always figured out what to do or how to patch wine to get it working again.

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I am aware of this and that is why I put „luck“ in quotation marks, as we are lucky that these enthusiastic people exist and make it possible.


This worked perfectly. Thanks!! o7

It seems that those issues have gone now. I have just got a fresh wine 6.20, and there is no need to patch that crypto lib anymore. Fly safe o/

Considering Steam, the Steamdeck, people who don’t use Steam, and the fact that Proton exists (thanks, Steam, for pushing Proton), as do credential storage in Linux, I’d say… get with it.
Linux is going to become more and more prevalent. CCP doesn’t want to lose players because you’re too fixated on supporting an OS that appears to be actively trying to piss off its users (Windows) and get them to switch, and an OS that is based on *nix and isn’t really a gaming-oriented OS (MacOS).

Can someone please kindly update ProtonDB. Thank you.


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